Spredfast and Brandwatch Partner to Bring Active Listening and Strategic Engagement to Savvy Brands

Brandwatch-Spredfast Datasheet imgWith 13 million Facebook comments on business pages every week, 340 million tweets sent everyday, and 11 twitter accounts opened every second, keeping a critical eye on conversations across the social sphere is an epic undertaking.  Smart brands know they can’t afford to stay silent in the face of comments, questions, and complaints. Audiences expect them to engage and respond. As the leading Social Media Management Software provider, Spredfast empowers our customers to do just that. We enable brands to listen and engage in conversations across all the major social networks — including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Slideshare, Wordpress, and Flickr. At the same time, an extended social network is blossoming across the web.  Some websites have become massive social networks themselves. For example, TripAdvisor.com features 100 million reviews for 2.5 million businesses, and has 200 million unique monthly visitors. 60 new TripAdvisor comments are posted every minute, and it’s well established that unanswered negative comments can be very costly. With Brandwatch,a best-in-class listening platform, brands can get coverage and actionable intelligence across this extended social web, so they know when their brand is being discussed on sites like TripAdvisor, Amazon.com, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vimeo, and Weibo. The Pressure on Brands to be Engaged Everywhere Brands constantly feel the pressure to be everywhere their audience is talking about them. Many brands are trying to cope by listening and engaging, in parallel tracks. They’re listening to and analyzing conversations, then publishing and conversing across the social web — but these efforts are largely siloed and independent from each other. There’s no synergy, no shared insights, and little to no efficiency. That’s why we’re so excited to announce Spredfast’s integration with Brandwatch. For the first time, brands can truly combine the power of active listening and strategic engagement. Joint customers can now bring Brandwatch  into the Spredfast engagement platform — making it the most complete listening and engagement solution available today. The Power of Strategic Engagement Through Smart Listening  With the Brandwatch | Spredfast integration, you no longer have to manage listening separately from engagement. Because Brandwatch pulls in mentions and customized keyword searches from over 60 million sources — along with the sentiment and impact of each item — you can rest assured that you’re seeing the conversations that matter to your brand, no matter where they’re happening. Combine this with Spredfast’s robust collaboration capabilities and flexible workflows and it’s easier than ever to engage with new communities and capitalize on new opportunities in a meaningful way.  Now your digital marketing team can find and actively participate in important conversations across the web — driving sales, triaging customer support issues, and improving brand perception, recognition, and loyalty. Their efforts can make a real difference to your business every day.

Find and Engage with More Communities: Understand what people are saying about your brand across the major social networks and beyond. Identify situations where your brand should join the conversation and get the right member involved to make the most of valuable engagement opportunities.

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.10.23 AMReal World Example:  A clothing retailer might find pins of their spring line on Pinterest and highlight them for the Marketing Manager. The manager can then plan to comment on those pins with links to similar styles on the retailer site to drive traffic, interest, and sales.


Identify and Pursue New Sales Opportunities: Listen for sales opportunities across the social web. Once you identify these potential customers, your team can engage them directly with a message that resonates.

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.10.23 AMReal World Example: A cable provider might find inquiries around the best cable provider in their area, then route these questions to the Regional Sales Representative. The sales rep can easily respond with information about their newest promotion and why their service is the best option in town.


Use Competitive Insights to Fuel Strategic Engagement: Learn what your competition is saying all over the world. Conduct searches that find new opportunities to engage where you haven’t before, so you’re not missing out on critical conversations.

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.10.23 AMReal World Example: A B2B company might find articles about their competitors in the European press, a region where their Services division is newly expanding. These write-ups can be shared with their Public Relations team to help them build a strategic press plan to get coverage in the region.


Uncover and Resolve Customer Inquiries: Cast a wider net to find customers that might be experiencing product or service issues, asking questions, or complaining about your brand. Route these conversations to your Support team, who are empowered to publicly resolve the situation, actively improving customer loyalty, retention, and brand perception.

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.10.23 AMReal World Example: A technology manufacturer might find a negative Amazon.com review on the battery life of their new cell phone line. Once this review is routed to the Customer Service Department, the appropriate representative can reach out with tips on how to improve battery life or provide instructions on how to get a refund.

Take Control Of The Conversation The integration of active listening from Brandwatch and strategic engagement with Spredfast is unprecedented — and it gives your brand the power to create and maintain a thriving presence across the web. Tap into a huge range of communities and use real data to understand how they feel about your products, services, competitors, and industry. Leverage elements such as sentiment, influence, and impact so team members can strategically insert themselves into the right conversations. Use Spredfast highlighting, customized workflows, and publishing capabilities to capitalize on the subject matter experts within your company, ensuring that the most qualified individuals are driving engagement for your brand. Brandwatch shines a spotlight on the most relevant conversations across the extended web. Spredfast powers the teams on the front line who triage, react, and respond to these conversations. With our integration, you can command the conversation like never before. We’re proud to announce that this integration is now available for all joint Spredfast and Brandwatch customers.  For more information, contact info@spredfast.com.

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