Spredfast and Opal: We're Planning Big Things

Two months ago at our annual customer Summit, our CEO, Rod Favaron, stood on stage and talked to over 800 of the most wired minds in social marketing about what to look forward to from Spredfast over the next year. He honed in on three larger themes—innovation, our open philosophy, and value.

As it might be easy to tell from the first Q&A in this series, our open philosophy is my favorite strategic differentiator. At Spredfast, we’re relentless about how we can better fit into your larger business flow. We understand that when you move at the speed of social, it’s critical to be aligned with the rest of your business workflow. Sometimes that means working with just Spredfast, and sometimes that means integrating Spredfast with other partners used by different areas of your enterprise. Our investment in our open philosophy is exactly what makes that kind of integration possible—and today, we’re giving our Opal partnership an even bigger boost.

Campaign Planning Gets an Edge with Social

Some of the world’s largest companies have chosen to manage their extensive cross-channel campaign planning and subsequent content creation process through Opal, a Spredfast Partner. Today, we’re officially expanding the Opal partnership that Rod spoke to on stage at Summit. Opal’s approach to campaign planning incorporates diverse teams—photographers, graphic designers, brand managers, social & digital leads, agency partners, and more—and creates a collaboration space and process for campaign planning. There is a sweet spot for Opal and Spredfast at the world’s largest companies: the integration makes perfect sense for organizations that have (1) a high volume of people participating in the broader marketing vision both internally and externally and (2) a separate group of people who are laser-focused on collaborating around the subset of marketing specific to social channels.

What This Means

Our integration helps large corporations ensure that storytelling is aligned and that the workflow is as streamlined as possible. We are resolving a critical, daily pain point between brand strategist, content creators, and community managers. Together, these are strategic teams who need to ensure social is represented in the broader brand story, who care about the critical details of enterprise social media content strategy and publishing. Thanks to our growing integration development team, we have enhanced our joint-capability in record speed. In conjunction with Opal, we are offering joint customers the ability to plan, collaborate, and execute social and non-social campaigns with ease.

What’s Next

We’re already busy expanding our next partnerships, and our business development and product organizations are working closely to continue delivering on our promise to be the most open social software platform in the market. Our evolved partnership with Opal is the latest proof point showcasing our ability to deliver joint-value for our customers. However, it’s only the beginning—stay tuned.

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Joe Curry

As part of the Business Development team, Joe focuses on aligning ecosystem and social network partners with Spredfast’s open platform strategy. Building long-term relationships with new & existing partners keeps Joe on the road quite a bit. However, on the weekends you’ll find him working on his golf game or bringing a taste of home (Louisiana) to Austin with savory cajun cookouts.