Spredfast and Yelp Partner for Engagement on Yelp Reviews

Recently, we announced that Spredfast customers can manage reviews from 100+ sites alongside all their other social channels from within the same platform. We added this because we think it’s time to start treating reviews like social. We believe that there is no difference between someone complaining on a Facebook page and someone leaving a negative review. For most organizations review management is disconnected from existing customer service workflows.

Since launching reviews management in Spredfast, brands have consistently cited one review site as their number one priority: Yelp.

It’s hard to imagine traveling to a new city without Yelp. With more than 148 million reviews, there are plenty of reasons for people to visit the site. Every day, millions of people visit Yelp to review, discover, and share their experience. Just as Yelp is an integral tool for consumers, brands with listings on Yelp are sitting on a trove of opportunities to create better experiences for their customers.

So, today we’re thrilled to announce that Spredfast and Yelp are official partners, integrating Yelp reviews alongside existing workflows, offering more in-depth insight into location performance, and, something we’ve all waited for, replying to Yelp reviews.

Yelp reviews help you understand more about your buyers, by helping to improve existing products, create new ones, identify lagging local properties, or enhance in-store experiences. Becoming an Official Yelp Knowledge Partner gives Spredfast access to trustworthy, verified data from the review site. This gives Spredfast customers a holistic view of their Yelp presence across all their locations to build on.

Spredfast and Yelp are now official partners, integrating Yelp reviews alongside existing workflows.


There is an enormous benefit to bringing these valuable ratings and reviews into the same workflows you use today for social channels—not the least of which is better outcomes through more consistent customer experience and a more efficient team. Plus, now that you can reply to these reviews from within the Spredfast platform, the full weight of our customer care solution can swing into action for Yelp.

“Reviews are public descriptions of personal experiences with your brand—not too different from social posts businesses already manage today,” said Rod Favaron, Spredfast CEO. “Integrating Yelp reviews into existing social workflows and having the ability to reply means a better, more consistent customer experience—no matter where a customer wants to talk with you.”

“Spredfast has an impressive enterprise software solution for brands that need to gain consumer marketing insights and respond to consumer reviews at scale” said Chad Richard, Senior Vice President of Business & Corporate Development at Yelp. “Customers want to hear directly from the companies they do business with. Spredfast helps to facilitate that connection in a personalized and meaningful way.”

By managing Yelp reviews alongside your social channels, you’ll get: * Verified and trustworthy visibility into ratings and reviews across all your locations * Integration of Yelp reviews into existing customer service workflows for easy routing and tracking * The ability to reply to Yelp reviews from within Spredfast * Labeling of reviews for attribution and analytics of reviews alongside social

Responding to Yelp reviews at Scale

Our integration with Yelp not only allows you to understand more about your buyers, but also offers you the opportunity to turn detractors into advocates. Responding to a review shows the customer who left the review that you care, and shows everyone else who sees it you care. In fact, 30% of consumers look for whether a brand responded to a review as a key indicator when judging local business. For national brands with local presences, simply managing all those listings can be quite challenging, let alone trying to coordinate a response. By integrating Yelp with Spredfast, our customers can utilize the same governance and management capabilities we offer for social accounts. Spredfast offers the freedom to organize listings by regions or markets, controlling who has access to the accounts and what actions they can take.

It’s hard to recall a time when we didn’t turn to Yelp to help discover and decide on something as simple as where to eat. Was it even possible to narrow a list down within a neighborhood, let alone an entire city like, say, New York? Yelp isn't just about retail and hospitality - industries like automotive to mattresses have presences on the platform.

As we’ve said before, reviews are an additional opportunity to make connections, resolve customer issues, gain valuable customer feedback, and deliver more value to the business. Our integration with Yelp serves to expand this belief, and we’re thrilled to be one of the only partners to provide this level of functionality.

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Austin Lytle is a Director, Product Marketing at Spredfast where he works with customers and the Spredfast product team to make sure we are delivering the world's best social software platform. Austin spent three years running political campaigns in Texas and Louisiana. A New Orleans native, he is avid cyclist and lover of music and wine.