Spredfast Delivers Business Impact with June 2013 Release


We are excited to announce that Spredfast’s June 2013 release goes live this week. We are calling this release the Business Impact release. It is packed with innovative new analytics and insights, an industry-leading mobile application, the ability to incorporate paid promotion into owned activity, and the power to produce purpose-built social applications across all of the major social networks efficiently and cost effectively. June’s release is guaranteed to revolutionize the way your team is engaging on social, and will surface all the great results your teams are driving through the Spredfast platform.

Actionable Insights

Spredfast Insights delivers the ability to synthesize mountains of data into long-Actionable Insightsterm trends, actionable insights, and short-term recommendations.

• Flexible dashboards bring clarity around how social activity is generating results across your business.
• Aggregate and comparative views of social accounts, regions, and brands give you insight into relative performance across different parts of your business.
• Attribute peaks, valleys, and engagement trends. Spotlight the best content, campaigns, and conversations.

Spredfast Insights also gives you the ability to understand your audience like never before.

• Extensive audience demographics across the networks show how your audience is evolving.
• Deeper audience understanding offers direction for future posts and campaigns to maximize engagement and target audience growth.

With customizable dashboards, deep engagement analytics, and extensive audience demographics, reporting results has never been so fast and easy.

• Fully exportable graphs allow you to create and distribute the reports that your teams and executives want to see on a regular basis.
• Management reporting, which used to take days, now takes minutes.

Social ApplicationsEngaging Social Applications

Whether you need to promote a new campaign, launch a product, or expand fan engagement, Spredfast Social Applications allow you to create rich brand experiences in a matter of minutes. The wizard-based approach allows team members to deploy purpose-built applications across all the major social networks. These engagement experiences include contests, sweepstakes, and other unique experiences for your audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube.

As your promotion is running, Spredfast reports detailed analytics that highlight application engagement, virality, fan acquisition and much more. Learn which audiences are interacting with your applications, where they are located, which devices they use, and how they are engaging. All of these insights empower your team to create multi-channel social applications that support your business goals.

Multi-Network Mobile

Social’s real-time nature distinguishes it from any other marketing channel. This unparalleled opportunity can also be a Spredfast Mobilehuge challenge for social brands. How do you stay connected and managed when your team goes mobile? Spredfast Mobile, currently in beta, allows team members to publish and engage from anywhere, with necessary controls and workflows. Your team can now safely enlist more internal participants who don’t sit at a computer all day by providing everyone with a single, controlled mobile application to publish and interact with audiences on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.

Newsfeed Promotion

Ensure your newsfeed posts reach more than the average 16% of your Facebook audience by promoting Posts from SF Newsfeed Promotionwithin Spredfast. Set budgets, durations, and targets for your Promotion during the normal publishing process and control which team members have access to this expanded functionality. By comparing the success of both regular posts and Promoted Posts, your teams can start to optimize their paid strategy in order to strike the right balance of owned-earned-paid while maximizing the impact of your Facebook content. Now you can ensure maximum reach for the key posts that you know you want your entire audience to see.

Make Social Matter

When you are engaging across all the major social networks, answering questions, getting feedback, delighting your customers, and delivering rich brand experiences, it’s easy to get bogged down in day-to-day tactics. The Spredfast Business Impact Release is designed to deliver a more strategic view of your world, sharpen the focus on your key audiences, and get more people at your company engaged – all in the name of driving meaningful business results. It’s a big job. We are in your corner.

We are pleased to announce that this release will be available for all customers on June 29, 2013.  For more information contact info@spredfast.com.



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