Spredfast Expands Preferred Developer Status with Twitter

We are proud to announce that Spredfast has been accepted into the Twitter Certified Products Program.  Acceptance to this program gives Spredfast a deeper relationship with Twitter, which will help us drive more innovation and value to brands as they pursue business opportunities with Twitter"™s 140 Million users.  We received two types of certification: engagement and analytics. Engagement certification is reserved for vendors that provide innovative and additive features to help brands improve interaction with their audience on Twitter.   Analytics certification is granted to solutions that provide analysis not available directly from Twitter, making it more valuable and accessible to businesses and publishers.  Ultimately, the goal of both is to help businesses get closer to their customers through real-time conversations on Twitter. This announcement helps reinforce Spredfast"™s commitment to providing the most powerful social media management solution in the industry.  We made similar announcements about the Facebook Preferred Marketing Development Program a few months ago. And we were one of the first vendors accepted into the LinkedIn Social Media Management program last month.

Preferred developer programs demonstrate that the most influential social networks are committed to helping brands achieve social media success.  Over a billion people use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn every day. Driving innovation and improving how they serve so many users is a full-time job.  By partnering with world-class technology companies like Spredfast, social networks can stay focused on their primary customers, while also shaping and supporting how businesses contribute to the social media ecosystem. Badges and certifications separate the wheat from the chaff, but true achievement comes when our customers gain tangible benefits from the increased access these programs provide.  Our customers receive lots of incremental benefits over publishing natively or through other platforms: planning and executing multi-channel social campaigns, automating workflow and approval processes with internal and external team members, and comparing historical performance across networks and campaigns, to name a few.   Another recent example that couldn"™t have happened without preferred developer status is the enhanced targeting options Spredfast customers have when they publish on LinkedIn and Facebook.  In both cases, increased access to the networks"™ API"™s have allowed us to make it easier for brands to take advantage of these recent innovations. Spredfast"™s direct and deepening relationships with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn help us innovate and deliver new ways for our customers to achieve their social business goals.  We are excited about the possibilities, and grateful for the opportunity to continue to improve how we serve the hundreds of companies that use Spredfast every day.

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