Spredfast Intelligence: The Smartest Way to Make Sense of Social Data

As marketers, we have an absurd amount of data at our disposal. It’s hidden in plain sight on the timelines and newsfeeds of our customers. Awareness, preference, intent. It’s all there, waiting to be discovered.

But the sheer volume is daunting. As marketers, we’ve even given it name. Big Data. It just sounds intimidating, right? It doesn’t have to be. Today we launched Spredfast Intelligence, a product that simplifies the way marketers harness the myriad of insights available on Twitter.

As we set out to develop this product, we heard some consistent themes from our customers. Marketers want less of a learning curve, and more learning. They need more conclusions, less data. They don’t have time to run reports and crunch numbers.

We designed Intelligence to give you the freedom and power to learn from Twitter as often as you like. Its intuitive, search-based interface puts months of historical Twitter data at your fingertips. Better yet, Intelligence does the heavy lifting to transform all of that data into meaningful, beautifully rendered insights that will help you plan smart campaigns and report on performance.

I wanted to take some time and share with you some of the ways that we think Intelligence will make your work easier, better, and—it is our hope—more enjoyable. Since Intelligence users have access to unlimited search across the full Twitter firehose, I could have picked any topic.

I decided to dig deeper into Coke's #shareacoke campaign after seeing a few pictures of personalized cans pop up in my own timeline. Let’s take a look at what Intelligence can show us in 15 minutes or less.

Compare conversations.

At a macro level, I can quickly see the volume, velocity, and reach of conversations about Coke compared to other soda brands. 

Spredfast Intelligence Compare


Coke is clearly performing well. How much of this is due to the #shareacoke campaign?


Explore top terms.

A quick look at the top related terms around Coke shows that #shareacoke is driving 1.9% of all conversations taking place about Coke. But it also uncovers other user generated variants of the #shareacoke hashtag, like #shareacokewithcam and #shareacokewithfleur.

Intelligence Top Terms


Understand share of voice.

I could use the Share of Voice feature to understand the footprint of my brand and its competitors within a conversation. In this case, I want to get a better view of how #shareacoke and its variants are contributing to conversations around Coke.

The gray circle shows the overall conversation around Coke and the other circles show the percent % of the conversation driven by #shareacoke hashtags. As you can tell from the table below, it looks like the campaign is driving 4% of the total conversation around Coke.


Uncover top content.

Now we can dig deeper, and search the #shareacoke hashtag itself to see what kind of content is being posted.

With a simple search we can see one of the greatest values of the campaign. Almost 30% of #shareacoke mentions include an image. The beauty of this campaign is that Coke has made it cool for users to share content that features its product.

Intelligence Top Content


Identify influencers.

The clickable activity trendline allows me to dive in and quickly understand the Tweets and people that are driving activity.

A quick look at one of the major peaks on the trendline, shows me a tweet from Carter Reynolds, a self-proclaimed “new up and coming social media star”, is driving major engagement. If I work at Coke, I’d be earmarking Carter as an influencer to involve in future campaigns.

Intelligence Clickable Timeline


I can also find out who is driving conversation from the People view which shows me Influential, Active, Verified, and Brand participants in any conversation.

Intelligence People View


That was quick. And that’s kind of the point. You should spend less time analyzing and reporting on results and more time achieving them. Intelligence is as flexible as it is powerful, and allows you to understand different dimensions of conversations and compare activity year-to-year, month-to-month, or week-to-week.

I hope this gives you a better sense of how Intelligence allows any marketer to play with the wealth of data available on Twitter to better understand the story behind it and make smarter marketing decisions.

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Miguel Fernández is a Product Marketing Manager here in Austin, although his heart remains in his native Puerto Rico.