Spredfast Joins SAP® PartnerEdge® Program

Today’s digitally connected consumers demand brands be present during every step of their customer experience. At the same time, consumers are in charge of how, when, and where they communicate with brands. Social media may be just one of many channels where your brand engages with customers, but it represents a huge opportunity to connect with individuals directly. It’s crucial that teams outside of social are aware of social marketing and care touch points and factor them in when viewing the customer journey as a whole.

Spredfast and SAP have teamed up through a new partnership to connect what teams are already doing on social media to their broader organizations, increasing visibility and enabling marketers to deliver more personalized brand experiences. Read on to learn more about all of the ways in which Spredfast and SAP’s combined capabilities could help your business.

Gain a Single View of Your Customer

An unpleasant truth is that customers often choose social media as the place where they’re going to publically vent and express their concerns to (or about) brands. Imagine if you could seamlessly view all of the marketing interactions your customers have had with your brand before you started engaging with a frustrated customer.

With Spredfast and SAP Marketing Cloud, you gain the ability to bring contextual details from SAP Marketing Cloud into view in the Spredfast Agent Inbox by matching social contacts to existing marketing contacts. This enables community managers to have even more context when engaging with customers. Additionally, you can enhance your SAP Marketing Cloud customer profiles by sending social context gathered via Spredfast into SAP Marketing Cloud.

Improve Care Ticketing and Management

For customer care agents, time is their most valuable asset, and efficiency can make the difference between delighting or disappointing a customer. Social care doesn’t exist in a silo, so it’s very common for important customer information and interaction history to exist outside of the Spredfast platform. By connecting Spredfast to SAP Service Cloud, care agents will be able to view existing and create new customer information stored in SAP Service Cloud directly in Spredfast. This enables agents to bring that customer context into social care interactions so teams can be more efficient and effective.

The partnership between Spredfast and SAP merges social interactions across marketing departments and customer care groups and links them to customer experience efforts across the broader organization. If you’d like to learn more about Spredfast and SAP’s new combined offerings, please connect with your Spredfast account manager or reach out to partners@spredfast.com.

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Cara Dolence manages Spredfast's partner programs globally to help customers realize the full value of integrating their technology stacks. Cara currently lives in London and still supports her Virginia Tech Hokies and Washington Capitals from afar.