Spredfast Maximizes Conversions by Bringing Owned Insights to Paid Promotions

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At Spredfast we help brands create compelling social marketing presences that drive results for the business and improve customer satisfaction. Most of the teams we work with rely on owned media as the primary vehicle to achieve their goals. But as social teams become savvier and the impact of social marketing becomes more tangible, marketing organizations are looking to paid media to amplify their message to market and reach new audiences.

Kenshoo Social helps brands create ads on social and across the web. From paid social promotions to search ad optimization, they bring a best-in-class solution to the market. Because of this, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Kenshoo that enables joint customers to use social insights to optimize ad spend, dissect campaign performance and attribution, and improve coordination among teams.

The Challenge At Hand

The world of paid, owned, and earned media has come into focus over the last 18 months. While our friends at Altimeter created the defacto Venn diagram describing the relationship and overlap between these three types of media, businesses are still working to make this model a reality. The truth is, in many companies, these media are still silo-ed. With the real-time, fast paced nature of marketing today, Digital and Social Marketing teams already have a lot their plates. Finding time to go to extra lengths to share information and collaborate with each other on a daily basis is a significant challenge.

The Opportunity

Without visibility and coordination, brands miss out on the insights that can help them optimize their spend and yield better results. For example, Spredfast posts content on Facebook every day. This content may have links, images, or engaging questions. By digging into analytics and performance data, we identify which content earns the most engagement from our audience. We also use content targeting to test different audience segments, and run a comparative analysis on how they engage with our brand. We depend on these insights to plan new content for our dynamic and ever-evolving owned strategy.

Making informed decisions around owned content is critical for the world of social. At the same time, there is a huge opportunity for brands that can take performance insights and apply them to the paid side of their business. At Spredfast, we don’t place paid promotion bets and then wait to see if they pay off. Daily performance insights from owned content help us make informed decisions on messaging, targeting, and timing for our paid programs.

Using shared insights to drive decisions around our paid and owned strategies yields better results for our programs. We believe that the partnership with Kenshoo Social allows joint customers to experience the same success. The integration enables teams to share insights and collaborate in real-time, making their cross-channel marketing initiatives more successful than ever.

Driving Conversion

The worlds of social marketing and paid advertising are very different, but the fundamental goal is the same: to drive conversion. ‘Conversion’ can mean something different to every company because it can refer to any point in the dynamic customer journey. It can mean turning an audience member into a fan, making them a customer, or taking them to different owned properties like your website. No matter how you define conversion at your company, with Spredfast and Kenshoo Social, measuring and maximizing conversions has never been easier.

• Measure impact: Get a holistic view of your content’s performance. Use comparative analytics to pinpoint effective messaging and topics that interest your target audience. These insights will help you adapt and create more successful campaigns over time.

Make informed decisions: Use performance insights to identify high performing organic posts then create paid promotions of that post. The integration provides automatic Kenshoo link tracking across the Spredfast platform, bridging the longstanding gap between owned and paid media. This shared insight and ability to collaborate is unprecedented at companies where the Digital Marketing Team is separate from Social Media Team.

• Improve Performance: Compare conversions and sales from owned and paid content. Use those insights to improve future campaigns and improve conversion rates. Ensure that the balance of paid to owned content is optimal for your business, allowing you to optimize ad spend while effectively leveraging your owned content.

Key Takeaways

The Spredfast-Kenshoo Social integration brings new levels of visibility and coordination to the worlds of paid promotion and owned content. Whether the goal is driving sales, generating leads, or acquiring new fans, teams don’t have to make decisions in a vacuum any more. Attribution, performance, and comparative analysis allow teams to make informed decisions in real-time in order to drive conversions. So for teams who have yet to bring owned insights to the world of paid promotion it’s now easier than ever to maximize results and really make those ad dollars count.

We are pleased to announce that this integration is now available for all joint Spredfast and Kenshoo Social customers. For more information contact info@spredfast.com.

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