Spredfast named a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide for Social Analytics Applications

Spredfast, the leading provider of social media management and customer care software for the enterprise, is proud to announce that it has been named a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s January 2018 Market Guide for Social Analytics Applications.

"It's exciting to be included in the latest Social Analytics Market Guide,” says Josh Rickel, Spredfast VP of Product of Marketing. “These guides provide a ton of insight for companies evaluating which technology partner is best and how each technology partner delivers unique value to their customers."

So, what’s a Gartner Market Guide and why should marketers care? In short, this type of research gives you a snapshot of any given technology space, profiles its leading vendors and provides advice on how best to select the right software for your needs. A Market Guide can help with such questions as, "Is now a good time to invest, given the market conditions?", or "What key capabilities are providers generally able to bring to this market this year?"

Spredfast is proud to have been included in Gartner’s latest Social Analytics Market Guide.


Social analytics can mean different things to different people. Gartner’s definition is as follows: “The process of collecting, measuring, analyzing and interpreting the results of interactions and associations among people, topics and ideas from social media sources.” It goes on to explain that, “In recent years, much of the market has begun separating the areas of social analytics and social listening. "Analytics" is being applied to owned social media activity and "listening" is being applied to earned. From a technical perspective, these are two separate use cases working from the same data. As a result, we continue to look at these collectively as social analytics.”

When it comes to social analytics vendor selection, there are a lot of vendors vying for your attention and it's easy to get overwhelmed. According to the research, this market is comprised of four types of vendors: social analytics specialists, social CRM suites (like Spredfast), multichannel CRM providers and multichannel analytics providers. The report offers several detailed recommendations for vendor evaluation, but at a high level Gartner recommends, "Obtain consensus on a prioritized list of requirements from cross-functional stakeholders before initiating the RFI or RFP process, or invite vendors to conduct demos. Social analytics applications can perform a lot of interesting things, but they might not be what you need for your particular use case."

At Spredfast, we strongly believe that social analytics makes your business smarter. Whether you’re in the market for an analytics or listening platform, we believe this Market Guide is an excellent resource for evaluating the vendor landscape. As a leading vendor in the space we would love to show you how we align to the various recommendation in the report, but more importantly how the power of our platform aligns to your business goals. Schedule your demo today.

Editor’s Note: Our source is “Market Guide for Social Analytics Applications” Jenny Sussin, 17 January 2018. You must be a Gartner client to access the report.

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