Spredfast Named a Snapchat Partner: What it Means for Our Customers

An unparalleled grip on the millennial market. More than 10 billion daily video views. More than 150 million active daily users. Snapchat has secured a spot as a top media platform, and with the announcement of its growing ecosystem, brands will now have an expanded opportunity to tell their story on the platform—in ways as creative and original as a face swap or a flower crown filter. This is huge news for brands: while Snaps may disappear, the impact of Snapchat is now inarguably lasting, and anything but ephemeral.

Today, Spredfast has been named a Snapchat Creative API Partner, and we’re eager to begin helping the most forward-leaning brands and media companies create the most compelling content experiences imaginable.

The futures of advertising and content on Snapchat are boundless. The inherently playful platform has serious business potential: It influences consumer behavior on other social platforms, captivates audiences (who complete videos more on Snapchat than any other platform), and accelerates creativity around video.

Snapchat, an inherently playful platform, has serious business potential.


As a Snapchat Partner, our customers can glean content and insight from the platform to inform social content strategy. The marketer’s journey always begins with creation, ideation, collaboration and planning—by now, Snapchat is a consistent part of the content mix brands consider when they launch any campaign. So, a partnership with Spredfast will open the door for our customers to do more on the platform as it grows and develops. “Marketers want to do work that’s cutting edge and innovative,” says Rod Favaron, Spredfast Chief Executive Officer. “Spredfast doesn’t just help them think outside the box—we get rid of the box. And we do that by partnering with market-defining partners like Snapchat.”

In this announcement, Spredfast is named a Snapchat Partner. This means Spredfast will serve as partner with whom brands can research, ideate, plan, create content, and leverage that content as part of brand campaigns. For our customers, this means that Snapchat recognizes the creative work they’re doing within the platform. As a company, our focus will be helping our customers collaborate, ideate, plan, and deliver fun and effective new content on Snapchat. This will only further accelerate already fast-moving creativity and innovation around video, and Spredfast is excited to be part of the incredible market opportunity Snapchat is creating.

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