Spredfast + Opal: A best-of-breed marketing solution

As social has become a key element of any savvy marketing campaign, the most successful brands on social recognize the importance of telling a cohesive story that spans all marketing channels.

The most successful brands also know that it’s important to have the right tools for the job, rather than going with all-in-one platforms that sacrifice a lot in quality just for a single login. Together, Spredfast and Opal empower marketing teams to streamline brand voice & content across channels and regions.

Successful brands know to tell a cohesive story across marketing channels.


This is particularly relevant as social continues to gain relevance. Brands are sharing more content than ever on social — we recently took a look at 50 leading brands and found that these top brands created 22% more Facebook posts and 26% more Tweets in Q2 2016 compared with the prior quarter.

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With the continued growth of social brand presence, the Spredfast & Opal partnership ensures that your brand promise is consistent across all channels and translates into the social realm.

How? The Spredfast and Opal partnership enables marketing teams to work more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Our partnership unifies Opal’s collaboration platform with Spredfast’s social relationship management platform, providing a seamless solution for streamlining your brand voice and content across all marketing channels.

Airbnb’s Eric Toda Explains

The modern marketing org takes advantage of best of breed technologies and puts together a marketing technology stack unique to their business needs and team structure. In an interview for the Opal Blog, Eric Toda of AirBnB’s Global Social Media and Content & Brand Marketing Team, revealed that Airbnb is all-in on the best of breed marketing tech philosophy.

In the interview, Eric shares how the team at Airbnb is well equipped, with everything they need to create and execute award winning campaigns, “I have listening, planning and collaboration, organic publishing, paid media, and a slew of agencies to dive into results and feed everything back to the beginning of the loop.”

Opal & Spredfast are two key components of the Airbnb marketing stack. “Opal is the air traffic control, collaboration and planning part of my tech stack. It’s where we start executing so you can see the creative part of the process,” Toda told Opal.

When they’re ready to publish, they send all of their social content directly to Spredfast for publishing and reporting. Read Eric’s full interview on the Opal Blog

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