Spredfast Product Enhancements Keep Customers Ahead of the Social Curve

It has been a busy fall for the Spredfast Products team. Everything in the social media world is constantly evolving - new engagement opportunities, new types of functionality on the major social platforms, novel best practices that should be shared company-wide, as well as new requirements from new markets as they embrace social communication. So, our Products team has been hustling. Here is what they have been up to lately:

Got issues? We'll track them

If your company is active in social, then you have a person, team or organization responsible for handling the customer questions and complaints. Or maybe you share the load across a group. Whatever the case, many of our customers told us they wanted a better way to track issues as they arise and ensure that issues are answered in a timely fashion.

We call this Conversation Management and it is now built into the Spredfast social media management system. We now help you tag issues, route messages to the right people, monitor issue status, and keep a full audit trail every step of the way.  We also provide metrics like average time to resolution at the individual and team level, frequency of specific topics, and types of inbound inquiries. We just made it a whole lot easier to proactively manage customer care in social.

Making the social world safe for customers in regulated industries

Our customers in regulated industries have a long list of external (think SEC and FDA) and internal (think Compliance and Risk Management) reasons to be very careful about how and when they participate in social communication. They gave us a long list of capabilities they would need to feel comfortable diving in to social - from where the platform is hosted, how data is secured, to detailed policies about how and when employees can participate.

We listened. We built. And now customers in regulated industries can choose to operate the Spredfast social media management system in our Enhanced Security environment. This includes hosting in Amazon"™s Virtual Private Cloud, expanded data encryption for information in transit and at rest, strong password management, IP restriction, and enhanced options for data management. If you are in a regulated industry, jump in! The shark nets are up and the water is nice.

More Capabilities on More Channels

We are constantly adding new capabilities on the social networks as new APIs are made available or new customer requirements surface. In the last few months, we have added some interesting new YouTube and WordPress capabilities.

For YouTube, we have added new monitoring and moderation capabilities that streamline channel management. We"™ve also brought YouTube into the Social Profile. Now when a third party comments on one of your videos, you can hover over their username in the Spredfast application to learn about them, their network, and get context around prior engagement that other members of the team may have had with the individual.

For WordPress, we"™ve expanded the publishing capabilities. Spredfast users can now publish blog posts within existing categories that were created on the blog itself. Link shortening and tracking of links within blog posts have also been added to allow for more complete measurement and analysis of this social channel. Users can also now view an original blog post and all of the comments associated with that post in the Spredfast platform.  Users can also leave, delete or mark comments as spam on WordPress blog posts from within Spredfast.

Hello? Is it me you"™re looking for?

You may have diligently organized your social presence, but social users may completely ignore your fine work. Complaints about your products will still be sent to your Careers Twitter handle. And your US Care Team will still get questions on their Facebook wall in French about their cellular service provider in Senegal. Spredfast customers tell us they love the ability to organize social using our Initiatives structure, but sometimes need the ability to route social messages to other teams in other Initiatives.

So, we have cracked open Initiatives a little in Spredfast. Responses and scheduled messages are now available across initiatives.  Users can now also Highlight items or assign activities to other teams in other Initiatives. This allows for seamless communication and higher levels of visibility for everyone involved - without compromising account security. No more emailing, IMing or shouting down the hall, across the country or around the world to hand off a social message to the right team.

Fill 'er up at the Spredfast Service Station

Our customers are adding team members all the time. Some come to social with some serious chops and just need to learn how to use the Spredfast social media management system. Others have never used social networks before and need a whole lot of education. And everyone has a question at some time.

Now, any Spredfast user can pull into the Social Service Station and get whatever they need directly from within the platform. The Service Station includes:

- An extensive library of how-to videos

- Webinars on various industry topics

- Product Documentation

- Tip sheets and best practice guides

- A fully searchable knowledge base

Combined with our new User Help system, the Service Station now gives you the information you need when you need it.

And, there you have it. A quick fall update from Spredfast Products group. Great stuff is in the works. Look for more big news in January.

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Jim Rudden

Jim is responsible for worldwide brand, product and revenue marketing at Spredfast. Prior to Spredfast, Jim was VP of Global Marketing at Lombardi Software (acquired by IBM) where he was responsible for brand and product marketing, as well as demand generation. He has more than 20 years experience in technology marketing and implementation in the areas of enterprise software. He has held positions in product management, marketing, consulting, and sales at Lombardi Software, BetweenMarkets Software (acquired by Innovis), and Trilogy Software. Jim holds a B.A. in American Studies from Stanford University.