Spredfast Recognized as a 2018 Top-Rated Social Media Management Tool by TrustRadius

Three words: Measurable. Business. Results.

Whether these words provoke anxiety or provide motivation, social marketers are hearing them more and more. As marketing budgets tighten, CMOs are demanding that their investments in people and technology deliver results. According to Gartner, “Martech spending has fallen by 15%, as CMOs pull back on last year's high spending commitment amid concerns over marketing's capability to acquire and manage technology effectively.” (See Footnote 1)

The good news for social marketers is that the practice is gaining more visibility as a valuable component of any marketing strategy. In spite of rising budgets for social marketing, there is a persistent challenge in proving its value to the organization. When asked, 44.1% of marketers reported they have not been able to demonstrate the impact of social media on their business. (See Footnote 2) To address this opportunity, many social marketers rely on their partnerships with SMMS vendors to realize and communicate value. According to Gartner, “59% of social marketers surveyed said their companies use social engagement and social customer service technology. About two-thirds of marketers plan to increase their investments in this area in the coming year.” (See Footnote 3)

In spite of rising budgets for social marketing, there is a persistent challenge in proving its value to the organization.


However, not all SMMS platforms align to all social marketing practices. As CMO confidence in the ability of their marketers to effectively select and implement technologies is eroding, it's increasingly important that the SMMS provider you select has a proven track record of customer success. While industry analysts and influencers are always a great resource, they usually aren’t users of the platforms. So where better to turn for this information than the customers of the SMMS platform you’re evaluating?

This is why we’re are proud to announce that our customers have spoken, and Spredfast has earned the 2018 Top Rated award for Social Media Management Tools from TrustRadius. With an enterprise rating of 8.1/10, Spredfast is the highest rated SMMS platform represented on the customer review site. The TrustRadius Top Rated awards are unique in that they are an unbiased reflection of customer sentiment, based solely on user satisfaction scores.

“Making customers successful in social is why we're here and this designation is great validation of our commitment to continuous innovation in how we achieve this for our enterprise customers,” says Virginia Miracle, Chief Customer Officer at Spredfast.

"Making customers successful in social is why Spredfast is here." — @VirginiaMiracle


TrustRadius reviews are intensely vetted to ensure they are unbiased opinions from real vendor customers, ensuring buyers can make truly informed decisions. As marketers’ capability to effectively acquire software is under pressure, these types of reviews can provide objective, peer-driven proof-points validating your software acquisition recommendations.

How Spredfast Keeps it Promises

According to positive feedback from authenticated users, Spredfast is living up to our promise of making it easy for marketing and support teams to deliver the best customer experiences on social media. Our prompt customer support, clean interface, and robust workflows and approval processes are commonly cited strengths across our 82 reviews and ratings. Here’s what just a few examples of what our customers are saying about us:

“Spredfast has been instrumental in our strategy to mitigate risk globally by enforcing mandated approvals for all social content globally. In many ways, implementation of Spredfast has been a proxy for 'compliance' with this strategy; and the partnership, interest and excitement from our sector leadership and local market champions has been extraordinary.” — Manager, Consumer Goods | Read the full review

“Spredfast Conversations is more suited to situations which require a coordinated team effort to manage feeds, track customer responses, and respond to particular conversations. Spredfast Conversations also works great as a publishing platform, allowing for multiple rounds of approval if necessary, or just posting straight away if no approval is needed.” — Senior Account Executive, Leisure, Travel & Tourism | Read the full review

“Spredfast is being used across our marketing (including agency), legal, trademark, and other departments. It addresses the business problem of teams posting directly to a platform before getting appropriate approvals - this allows our corporate reputation to have another layer of security in order to be protected much better than it was previously.” — Employee in Corporate, Consumer Goods | Read the full review

“We found the network and events to be particularly awesome. The webinars were extremely useful and informative and the Smart Social event in London was fantastic! We learned a lot and met some great people. Can't wait for the next one.” — Global Content and Editorial Lead, Leisure, Travel & Tourism | Read the full review

“Spredfast has been critical in our social media strategy. It has allowed us to build specific teams and workflows into our processes and will mean we have a solid system in place for our global event. It has assisted in obtaining awareness and buy-in from senior management and has become a critical tool to evaluate our audiences. Without Spredfast we would not be able to operate with such a high-standard of customer care.” — Manager Digital Media, Sports | Read the full review

Ultimately, selecting the right SMMS platform to support your business is crucial as your budget, credibility and the impact of your social marketing initiatives are at stake. Our hope is that’ll you’ll use these reviews to understand the ways in which we’re delivering results to our customers and get a sense for what you can expect once you become a Spredfast customer. When you’re ready, we’d love to hear about your business and demonstrate how we can deliver our legacy of customer success to your organization.


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