Spredfast Summit Europe: Why and How we Share

As the sun set over London on the evening of Spredfast’s first European Summit one thing was clear: Spredfast had lit up and sparked inspiration in the minds of Europe’s social media and digital marketing elite.

Why We Share

More than 140 guests gathered to hear some of the industry’s leading speakers discuss the conference theme of “revealing the social mind”. Nathalie Nahai, web psychologist, author and keynote speaker, kicked off a packed agenda with tips, tricks and insight to understand the psychological make-up of your customers—and the motives which make them ‘click’ online. (For a more in-depth look at Nahai's fascinating research, check out our Q&A with her.)

She discussed the psychological principles of what makes us share content, how it is that trends go viral, how to create sharable content, and the psychological power of social to drive self-esteem, social worth and its links with the ‘dopamine loop’. Nahai's session included specific examples and new ways for social and digital marketers to understand their connection with online communities.

Next-Generation Storytelling

New ways to let your customer get closer to your brand through social media continued with a mind-bending panel session on the subject of next-generation storytelling. With virtual reality adoption continuing to grow, Sol Rogers, CEO of REWIND, wowed audiences with examples and applications of VR, while Alexandra Willis, Head of Communications, Content and Digital at The All England Lawn Tennis Club, gave an exclusive look at Wimbledon’s activity to get their fans closer to the club and tournament, all year round, via 360 video, drones and more digital applications.

Keeping true to the subject matter, Spredfast streamed the entire session via Facebook Live, which can be watched here:

Even before the first coffee break a huge amount of knowledge and experience was shared. The lesson? It's critical to create content which tells stories and truly engages customers to your brand.

The information continued with breakout sessions featuring Chris Hurst, Digital Development Editor, BBC Sport, James Carson, Head of SEO and Social Media at Telegraph Media Group, Dr. Jillian Ney and speakers from brands including O2, Rugby Football Union, Twitter and PwC. They delved into topics including the digital transformation of BBC’s Match of the Day, how The Telegraph is creating content to deeper connect with its audience, the role of influencers in developing your social marketing strategy, the future of social care and more.

Storm clouds in London didn’t dampen the energy during lunch; in fact dark skies illuminated the stunning graphic dictation the Spredfast creative team drew on the windows of the Skyloft venue. But the clouds lifted and the sun came out again as we continued into the afternoon, diving into social data and predicting the future of social.

The Smartest in Social

Chris Kerns, Vice President of Research and Insights at Spredfast, gave the audience a sneak preview into the 5th edition of the Smart Social Report, research from Spredfast, in a presentation titled Money, Religion and Politics (surely all the topics to avoid in polite conversation). Kerns revealed the insight that can be gained from Twitter profiles and how language choices change across European countries, plus offered a fascinating look at social sophistication in North America vs. Europe. For example, is Europe really 18 months behind the US in terms of social? Spoiler alert – no, we’re not.

Finally, Kevin Morris, Vice President of Product, bought the event to a close with a glimpse at social in 2026. Kevin examined social today and theorized about what it might look like ten years from now. He also explored how companies will connect with the people they care about most—and how the Spredfast platform will evolve to solve their most pressing challenges—those present today, and those yet to arise.

Kevin’s closing session demonstrated the value of technology to support your social strategy now, and in the future. The speakers had all focused in on getting closer to your customer, supporting them via social and the value of creating visual, attention-grabbing and engaging content to support your brand. But they also covered the importance of social data and explained how it can add depth to your strategy by highlighting the trends and topics your audiences care about.

Want even more insight into the kind of Smart Social insights Chris Kerns shared? Download our latest Smart Social Report for the full chapter on European Twitter bios—what they look like, and what marketers can learn from them.

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Graham Forsyth

Graham leads Spredfast marketing efforts across EMEA and APAC to help organisations understand how to create social campaigns that resonate, curate relevant social content across every major social network to create incredible social experiences and access real-time insights, and historical data, to plan campaigns and develop content strategies.