Spredfast Summit: Where Customer Love Means Agency Value

The dust is settling from the 4th annual Spredfast Summit in Austin, where we spent three days learning, sharing, and making new friends with the sharpest minds in the social space. However, marketers are just getting started taking action from the information they digested—alongside those delicious breakfast tacos, of course. We love Summit because it provides us an opportunity to host and spoil our agency friends, but our agency partners love our Summit for a variety of reasons:

1. You can Collaborate and Innovate

At Spredfast Summit you’ll find opportunities to meet with other brand, agency, and technology leaders and learn from each other’s experiences. While the agency world is somewhat notorious for its competitive nature, Spredfast Summit has become a safe harbor for peer learning and the exchange of best practices—an industry ceasefire, if you will.

“The key benefit of attending, especially with clients, was seeing Spredfast tools applied by other marketers in new and different (and sometimes similar) ways as we’re learning to use the tools on a daily basis,” says Josh Lieberthal, account executive at Edelman. “It’s a great source of inspiration and always nice to see parallels in how brands big and small use Spredfast to their strategic advantage.” (Take a closer look at Edelman’s top five takeaways from Spredfast Summit here.)

2. It’s Smart

"The most valuable part of the Spredfast Summit for us is the cross-pollination between client-side experts, technology experts, and agency experts,” says Kate Rush Sheehy, director of mobile and social platforms at R/GA. “The meeting of the minds enables us all to learn from the best in the industry, while we collectively think of and forge new solutions."

The Social Lights summed it up perfectly: “Smart Social is about speed and innovation. It requires alignment with business objectives and must provide value to customers, employees, business units, partners, sponsors.” We work intimately with our agency partners to make both their own clients, and our shared customers, successful. While in Austin, they get our undivided attention, meeting with our product teams to share points of view and feedback on new features. In doing so, they help guide us based on where their clients’ social programs are going.

3. You Can Have a Direct Product Impact

Aside from attending Summit, our agency partners are gracious enough to share their expertise alongside our customers during our daily breakout sessions. While our Today track highlighted the ways marketers can make an immediate impact on their social programs, our Tomorrow track asked industry influencers to share their big ideas about the future of social.

“When you're asked to speak at Summit, you definitely have to bring your A-game, as there are nothing but smart folks in attendance,” says Spike Jones, managing director, SVP of digital at Edelman and moderator of our Tomorrow track session Social in Motion. “It was my challenge to get them to think a little differently–which actually fits perfectly in the flow of what Spredfast puts together.”

Our industry-specific roundtables not only serve to provide a platform from which attendees can share, learn, and network with others striving to achieve similar objectives; they also serve to provide direct access and impact to our product team. These sessions give our product managers an opportunity to leverage the wealth of experience that agencies bring to the table.

Sheehy, a big proponent of the industry-specific roundtables, loved the open dialogue between brands, agencies and Spredfast itself. “I was able to learn more about the problems clients face and discuss how we would solve them from an agency standpoint, with a product manager there who's already thinking about how this can impact the product roadmap to solve the problem."

4. Take Part in Customer #awesomeness

We always love the opportunity to show off the many ways our customers are innovating in the social space—and as it turns out, Summit attendees do, too.

“The Summit was loaded with case studies from a variety of well-respected brands and industries, offering helpful tips on how to execute and think differently,” says Josh Druding, social strategy manager at Digitas LBi. “From an agency perspective, there was the opportunity to see through the lens of a client and better understand the challenges they face. On the flip side, Summit offered actionable solutions for agencies to apply to their client portfolios.”

This sense of shared learning among our customers contributes to an overall sense of community at Summit that’s simply unparalleled. “I think we sent eight folks from Edelman this year,” says Jones. “It's amazing to see what different things people bring back from Summit to apply to our everyday client service. This was my fourth Summit. And it's beginning to feel like a family reunion (in a great way)…I get to reconnect with those that I look forward to seeing from previous Summits, and there are always so many new, excited faces and conversations just waiting.”

We can’t wait for our next family reunion, and look forward to bringing everyone together again during SXSW. In the meantime, if you're curious about how agencies partner with Spredfast for success, be sure to check out our recent webinar with Edelman.

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Dave Games

Dave is an Austin, TX native spreading the gospel of breakfast tacos and BBQ out of the Spredfast office in NYC. He focuses on building and growing agency partnerships, and is an avid student of the dynamic social technology and agency industries. Keep up with Dave's thoughts on social, agencies, and the Baylor Bears @GaveDames on Twitter.