Spredfast Welcomes Linkfluence to its Best-of-Breed Ecosystem

Spredfast and Linkfluence today launched a new partnership that combines the power of Linkfluence social listening with Spredfast’s best-of-breed engagement platform.

We’re pleased to start the year off with this new partnership, especially since it brings more global listening sources to your fingertips. Linkfluence has one of the strongest global listening lineups in the industry, with deep capabilities in Asian social networks and websites. Sources include Tencent, WeChat, Sina Weibo, Renren, Line, Douban, Tianya Club, Baidu, and other Asian websites. Linkfluence draws data from 300 million sources and surfaces 100 million posts every day.

For our joint customers, this partnership enhances your ability to manage several of your most pressing problems on social media, from brand marketing to crisis management.

Keep reading to learn just a few of many benefits you can expect from the integration.

→ Meaningful Content and Conversations

There’s so much noise in social, and personalization means customers increasingly see only what’s tailored to their preferences. As companies of all sizes and from all industries have joined social and are vying for customers’ limited attention spans, it’s become more important than ever to be authentic in your social presence and to be authentic in a way that resonates with customers.

Our partnership with Linkfluence can help brands break through these barriers. Linkfluence Radarly allows brands to sort through the noise by parsing through millions of data points every day and surfacing only what’s relevant to your brand—and to your customers. Pinpoint what conversations are most relevant at any given moment.

Pinpoint what conversations are most relevant at any given moment.


Our partnership with Linkfluence allows you to see these conversations in real-time in the Spredfast platform, which means you can join the conversations that your customers care about now, not what they cared about a week ago. You can uncover what topics your customers might care about, and then tailor your content to fit their preferences.

→ Real-time Crisis Monitoring and Management

We’ve all heard the stories about angry customers taking to social media to lodge very public complaints, and we know that these types of situations can quickly turn from bad to worse. For teams who monitor social media for potential crisis moments, Linkfluence’s real-time data processing can make all the difference in catching a complaint before it becomes a crisis. Teams can set up unique Linkfluence streams to search for specific trigger or risky words and phrases in real time.

By bringing those real-time insights into the Spredfast engagement platform, social monitoring & PR teams can see the most up-to-date posts in the same place that they do all of their heavy engagement and crisis mitigation work. You can discover, flag, and respond to any potential crises as quickly as possible. In a world where 140 characters have the potential to hit your brand in an instant, real-time monitoring can provide some peace of mind.

→ Simplicity and Efficiency

We know that you depend on our integrations to do your best work, so we’ve made it easy for you to get started right away with this new connection. Users of both Spredfast and Linkfluence can connect their Linkfluence account with Spredfast right away, without waiting around for technical support. Once it’s turned on, the integration allows you to immediately see your Linkfluence sources in Spredfast Conversations, and you can respond and engage with posts from Linkfluence just as you would for any other Spredfast source. This simple solution saves you time by removing the need to go back and forth between systems.

Interested in learning more? Please reach out to partners@spredfast.com.

Welcome & bienvenue, Linkfluence!

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Cara Dolence manages Spredfast's partner programs globally to help customers realize the full value of integrating their technology stacks. Cara currently lives in London and still supports her Virginia Tech Hokies and Washington Capitals from afar.