Spredfast's Top Panel Picks for 2013 SXSW

It feels like it was only yesterday that the fuzzy afterglow of SXSW 2012 wore off and we finally deleted the super cool but battery killing apps that we all downloaded amidst the mayhem. At risk of setting off a frenzy of excitement and FOMO-induced anxiety, We're here to tell you that it"™s time to start thinking about SXSW 2013.

The beauty of SXSW"™s Panel Picker process is that it gives the SXSW community a say in conference programming. Prospective speakers have already submitted their ideas, now it"™s time for you to peruse the submissions, vote for panels that you want to see at the conference, and get a jump on the conversation by commenting on topics that pique your interest.

We know you might not have time to weed through the 3000+ SXSW Interactive panel submissions so we"™ve taken some time and compiled a list of the top social-focused panels we would like to see in 2013.

Don"™t Mind If We Do

We won"™t be coy- we"™ve submitted ideas for three panels that we think the Interactive community will really dig. We"™re excited to share insights and best practices we have gathered through work with our customers and as a social organization ourselves. So if you feel like we do, Peter Frampton, head on over to the panel picker and throw us a vote, would you?

1. Death to the Megaphone: Long Live Engaging Content

Jason Kapler and Jordan Slabaugh will discuss what makes an effective content strategy and how to increase engagement using paid, owned and earned media.  Step away from the megaphone and embrace the role of choreographer of content across all channels.

2. Arm Local Troops: Empower Employees to Go Social

Virginia Miracle dishes on best practices to build a social presence on the ground at enterprises with multiple local outposts. Want to learn how to reign in social presences that have gone AWOL? Provide clear orders and ample supplies to accomplish social objectives? Walk out of this session with a map to mission success.

3. Is Anyone Paying Attention to This Promoted Post?

Jim Rudden talks promoted content strategy to help you get the most out of your digital ad money. As major platforms continue to roll out various "pay to play" features, this session will outline the new rules of the game- and call "foul" on abusing these tools and bombarding audiences with your marketing message.

We can"™t wait to see"¦

What sessions can"™t we wait to see? We"™re looking forward to a number of panels submitted by our partners, customers, and contemporaries. Here are a few on our short list:

1. Operationalizing Social Media For Large Enterprise

This workshop will tap into the experience and expertise of social media
leadership from fortune 500 companies. Panelist: Melissa Parrish, Eli Singer, Robin Grant & Matthew Nelson.

2. Training Executives to Be Social Leaders

Melissa Barker will give actionable advice to effectively train and enable executives to be successful with social media.

3. Getting Away with it, IBM Social Sells the Cloud

Jon Sander and Cheryl Mikovch will discuss the ins and outs of IBM"™s Social Selling Program.

4. Egomania: How Ego Makes Marketing Better

Jason Falls, Tac Anderson, Ian Greenleigh and Valeria Maltoni team up to talk about the psychology of sharing, the art of comparison, social currency creation, the infamous #humblebrag, social validation, and more.

5. Give Us This Day Our Daily Brief

Matt Heindl and Robert McCutcheon will present case studies demonstrating how social listening programs can be used to keep online audiences entertained and wanting more.


Want to recommend some panels that we might have missed? Leave details in the comments section below.

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Adrianne Gallman

Adrianne is the Brand Programs Manager at Spredfast supporting all media planning, advertising and programs for awareness on the Spredfast Brand Marketing Team. In her free time she enjoys cheering for Sooner football and searching for the best brunch in Austin.