Staying Relevant on Facebook

Within the marketing technology world, social moves at light speed.  In contrast, email, websites, ad units and TV advertisement technologies evolve at glacial speeds. Why? Because the social networks are user driven. They obsess every day about experience – and are constantly testing and evolving what messages users see.  All are in search of the golden balance – between content from friends and brands that users value and ad revenue that sustain the network in the long run. 

The learning for brands and media companies that want to stay relevant to their target audiences and drive real business outcomes on social is to stay current on the latest tactics for each specific network. Lately, we have been discussing how brands can use Spredfast to stay on top of the conversations in Twitter. In today’s post, I am going to focus on Facebook and the three core capabilities Spredfast’s Social Marketing Platform provides to help you stay visible in an increasingly crowded News Feed.

1. Great content is conversational not disruptive.

Facebook has said time and again that compelling, relevant content, targeted to specific audiences at the right time is key to success. This means building a significant repository of images and text that is available to the whole social team.  More than just volume, though, it is critical for that content to tell a consistent story. Your brand’s presence on Facebook, and across any social channel, should tell a consistent narrative. Spredfast Content Center gives social marketing teams a central place to create, publish, and analyze content.

2.  Facebook ads get you to exactly the audience you want.

With deep targeting capabilities and products like Atlas, Facebook excels at “people-based” marketing. Spredfast provides two specific capabilities marketers can use to get to the right audience – and drive engagement.

The first capability is targeting profiles. Whether organic or paid, posts can (and should) be targeted to focused audiences. It’s not just about reach; it’s about predictably reaching the right audience. For example, if I wanted to reach an audience of 20-40 year old men in major markets like New York, Chicago, and Boston, I could do that using the same location and demographic targeting capabilities available on Facebook directly within Spredfast Conversations. 

The second capability is unpublished Page posts, commonly called dark posts, which allows you to publish messages that only show up for the audiences you target with an ad buy. This is low cost A/B testing that is critical to ensuring your content resonates. It’s smart money. Spredfast lets you publish these dark posts, set budgets, manage approval, promote to your target audiences, and then perform side-by-side analysis to determine which content is succeeding in attracting engagement at the right price. This workflow is the heart of optimizing your ad spend on Facebook. 

3. Consumers expect to be heard, supported.

When users choose to communicate with brands, they do so through the brand Page. Often, your customers are seeking help or information from you.  For many brands, the volume of questions and interactions can get very big very fast. Combine that with a consumer expectation of rapid response – and suddenly delivering social care through your brand Page can get complex. It is essential to have a scalable process that allows you to deliver personal interactions efficiently. Spredfast Conversations delivers the triaging, routing, responding, closing, and archiving capabilities that make world class care possible.    

While tactics change, the core of what makes for a great experience on Facebook remains the same – content that attracts, audiences that matter for your business, support for the full customer journey. Next up for this series – a deeper look at LinkedIn. Stay tuned.

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Manish Mehta

Manish is responsible for global product strategy and engineering at Spredfast. He is passionate about building technology that engages consumers in conversations, while improving marketing and advertising performance for brands. Prior to Spredfast, Manish served as CEO of Marketvine, an eCommerce solutions provider, which he founded as a stealth mode incubation effort within Dell in 2012. Manish originally joined Dell in 1995, and provided visionary leadership across several roles including VP of Dell's global Social Media & Community group, VP of Dell Labs, VP of Social Commerce Incubation, VP and Global GM of, and a Partner at Dell Ventures. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University.