Step Two: Integrating Social into all Marketing Channels and Events

This is the third and final post in a series around the recent whitepaper, How to Converge Media.

As we learned in Step One, building a strong and inspiring presence on your social destinations is key, but no longer enough. Creating “social engagement experiences” that bring public conversations from every social network onto your owned media sites is the next big frontier. With case studies from Victoria’s Secret to Pepsi, we saw how brands are including social as they build owned media experiences that are driving strong earned media results and increasing their reach to new consumers. When and where to do this is the next step. This is where you can be the hero.

Integrate Social Everywhere

Most marketing executives are trying to find ways to integrate and build social experiences everywhere they can. If they do this successfully, they will provide a mutually beneficial relationship to the brand and the brand’s consumers. As Mass Relevance CEO Sam Decker noted, “When you integrate social content (earned media) into your owned are giving customers the social proof they need to be engaged and interested.” Once consumers see that they are recognized and valued by the brand, they are more likely to participate and engage.

Every brand has an annual marketing calendar and those calendars are full. As a marketing leader, what opportunities are you thinking about for integration?

Your Social Checklist

Marketing activities from key holidays to deals and promotions to big events to product launches are crying out for social integration. If your brand is planning to open any stores in 2013, are you using social to publicize the event? How are you leveraging social engagement before, during, and after any special promotions? What new and innovative products is your company launching this year, and how will you integrate social to generate and amplify consumer awareness, buzz, and excitement?

Every week is an event or opportunity to engage with your customers or potential customers. Create ways for them to engage with your brand. Here are two examples of companies who have added this social layer on top of their planned marketing campaigns.

HSN Case Study

In re-launching their website, HSN effectively integrated social media across their owned digital properties - from their eCommerce website to their mobile site to their Facebook page to televised studio sets. In doing so, they built owned media experiences that drove strong earned media results. Along every step of the purchase path, HSN encouraged deeper engagement with their fans, enhancing the consumer experience, re-defining digital shopping, and driving higher consumer participation.

Patagonia Case Study

Timed to coincide with the November election and the popular band Wilco’s concert tour, Patagonia launched the I Vote the Environment campaign. Tweets with the hashtag #BecauseILove appeared on screens flanking Wilco’s concert tour stage, onto digital screens in Patagonia retail stores, and on the brand’s website.  Reaching across digital, social, and physical destinations, Patagonia’s multi-channel campaign inspired brand affinity, drove participation, and promoted environmental activism. Additionally, the campaign encouraged consumers to register to vote at the upcoming election.

Download the Whitepaper

Now that we’ve discussed how to create engaging social experiences and how to approach your marketing calendar with social integration in mind, the last step to driving earned media is to promote these experiences. Download our latest report for the third and final step of “How To Converge Media”, which will show you how to utilize paid media to complete the paid, owned, and earned trifecta. In this paper, you’ll learn how - and which - brands are successfully finding ways to capture and maximize their most valuable asset - the customer voice.'s picture

Rachel Jamail

Rachel Jamail works at the intersection of customer marketing and brand communications. Partnering with Spredfast's most innovative customers, she integrates their voice into the Spredfast brand by promoting and sharing their success and leadership in social media marketing through a variety of ways - from press to speaking engagements to thought leadership opportunities to product roadmap influence. When not working, she loves doing yoga, eating ice cream, and rooting for the Longhorns and Crimson.