Summit 2015: Get Hands-On with Product

We don’t know about you, but we’ve always learned best by getting our hands dirty. The theoretical just isn’t as sticky as the practical, and when it comes to the Spredfast platform, there’s maybe no place better suited for hands-on learning and practical application than #SFSummit.

In Austin, in addition to absorbing inspiring keynote speeches and networking with hundreds of your peers, you can also dive deep into what Spredfast has to offer via our Tinker Track. New this year, we thought you might want a primer on all the Tinker Track will offer, so we went straight to the sources: Spredfast product managers, instructional trainers, and customer support managers.

How to Get Hands-On at Summit

Luke Fernandez, Product Manager

How is the Tinker Track different than what Summit has offered before?

The tinker track has two parts: One part is the Smart Lab, which we used to call our product showcase, which consists of demo stations for all of our current products. It allows for key opportunities for our support team to meet customers in person, and it’s incredibly hands-on. Customers are all invited to come in and play—this year you can dig around in Intelligence, or check out the custom Experiences we’ve done. We also have an area dedicated to product discovery, where our Product Managers ask customers for feedback on specific products and new features they’re brainstorming. We want to give customers the ability to actually influence our product road map, to tell us what they love and what they would love to have, as well.

What’s one thing you love about Summit?

I really love that we can get feedback in person. So much is usually done over the phone and via video conferences, and there’s something so powerful about moving away from a traditional Q&A environment, and instead into a place where you can do observational research. It’s so gratifying to understand how people use our products, and how much it improves their daily routine. Plus, the barbecue is nice, too.

Which speaker or discussion are you going to make sure to check out?

I’m really interested to see Dave Perry from VH1 speak. Over the past decade they’ve done an incredible job in engaging their audience, revolutionizing the way people consume music since the early 2000s. I would love to hear how that innovation extends to social.

Oscar Aparicio, Team Lead and Instructional Trainer

How is the Tinker Track different than what Summit has offered before?

Tinker Track is really an evolution of some of our more successful product-centered Summit offerings. We value our customers' voice when it comes to our product and creating a forum where customers can play, ask questions, and suggest items directly to product is a fantastic way to bring that extra value to our Summit participants.

Why should customers pop into the Smart Lab for training?

Because you always get more from a real life interaction than you do via email or even a remote webinar. With just a simple fly-by you can get pesky little questions about functionality or workflow answered by a seasoned Spredfast trainer.

What's your training philosophy in one sentence?

We aim to be the sherpa that guides your journey from platform novice to seasoned expert.

Which speaker or discussion are you going to make sure to check out?

This is a really tough one. If I had to choose one, though, I think it has to be The Bottom Line: Creating and Defining Value in Social. We're seeing a move towards next-level metrics in Social—those that connect the impression or engagement action to more traditional business objectives. As we see more and more of these types of questions from our customers, I'd love to hear the perspective of some SMEs on how successful brands bring this strategy to life.

Jeremy Ridge, Senior Manager, Customer Support

Why should customers pop into the Smart Lab for support?

The Smart Lab gives our customers the chance to meet the team they speak to primarily through email. Get to know the team, get your technical questions answered—and put a face to a name!

What's your support philosophy in one sentence?

More than solving problems, customer support means truly listening to our customers, providing them with a positive experience at every touchpoint, and representing customer needs within Spredfast.

Which speaker or discussion are you going to make sure to check out?

I am looking forward to both Manish Mehta and Virginia Miracle's presentations. I am also excited to hear what our customers have to say about working with Spredfast.

Sounds great, right? Register for Summit here and we'll see you there.

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