Summit Mondays: Catching up with UnitedHealth Group's Rachel Medina

summitThe Spredfast Social Summit kicks off this Wednesday. We have been inviting a few of our customers and partners to preview some of the excitement coming to Austin this week. Today we are sharing insights from Rachel Medina,UnitedHealth Group's Social Media Analyst.  Want to connect with Rachel before you hear her speak at #SFSummit? Shoot her a tweet at @REMedina


You're speaking on a panel about "Customer Care in 140 Characters or Less" at Summit, can you give us a preview of what you plan to cover?
I plan to talk about how we have built a social media customer care team in a highly regulated, heavily matrixed corporation, while respecting things like privacy and HIPAA. It’s no easy feat, and one that continues to challenge us daily, but it’s been quite the adventure. I also fully intend on giving a major shout out to Spredfast and how we’ve been able to use the tool – and the stellar SF team- to help us get this thing off the ground and in to the hands of some of our call center representatives while also gaining visibility across the enterprise.

The theme of Summit this year is Achieve, describe your biggest social achievement in the past year.
My biggest achievement over the past year was getting our social customer care pilot up and running – I think my exact sentiment was “crushed it.”

As social media marketers, we know that great social experiences build lasting relationships, when was the last time that you were on the receiving end of a memorable social experience?
Given that I’m speaking about customer service, I should probably share my best social customer service experience, which was with an airline. Crazy, right? But seriously, I had a fantastic experience with Delta. Heading home after a conference, my flight kept getting delayed, delayed, delayed until finally it was cancelled. Of course, everyone around me was upset and frantically trying to find an agent to rebook them on the next flight. Me? I started tweeting to @DeltaAssist, knowing that they may not actually be able to help me, but it was worth a try. Low and behold, they responded quickly, we moved to direct messages and the agent was able to rebook me on another flight. I know airlines get a bad rep all the time, but this one experience has honestly made me a huge Delta fan and always my #1 choice.

Why is your brand social?
UnitedHealth Group is social because our customers are social. We’re doing social customer care because we want to meet our customer where they want to be met—in social media. We also see the need to elevate our visibility in social media so as to be comparable to our competitors.

How are you innovating in social? What new tactics or strategies are you currently exploring or planning to implement in Q4?
We are planning to launch a UnitedHealthcare Facebook page. I know, seems like we are a little late to the party. But we have various groups who are already active and successful on Facebook. Now, we’re launching a masterbrand. Given our industry, we can’t jump in to social media lightly. So we take our time, work with our legal team, ensure we have the proper plans in place and abide by our industry regulations, the most important one being HIPAA. There are some other plans brewing, but I personally want to wrap my head around Google+ and figure out a way that it can work for us.

What are you most looking forward to at Summit this year?
I’m really excited to learn from other Spredfast users. How do they use the various functions for their teams, what works or doesn’t work for them, what am I missing that Spredfast can do for my team? I think it’s really interesting to talk to other users from completely different industries than mine. We might use the tool in similar ways, but there’s always something to learn, a new trick or a shortcut or an enhancement to our customer service team.

Have you been to Austin before? Anything else on your agenda while you are in town?
I have been to Austin before and I LOVE it here. BBQ, tacos [hey Guero’s!] and hanging out with my awesome account manager, Joy, all top my agenda. Oh and learning. Gotta head back with some new information and tricks for my team!


Rachel MedinaRachel Medina is a social media analyst for UnitedHealth Group, a global health and well-being company. Every day, Rachel virtually listens in to a dynamic worldwide conversation on health, health care, health technology and more. She and her colleagues helped pilot UnitedHealth Group’s social media rapid response team and have trained employees and leaders on making the most (and avoiding the worst) of social media. Before joining UnitedHealth Group, Rachel started her social media career at Deluxe Corporation, managing multiple social channels, maintaining editorial calendars, expanding upon monitoring and initiating customer service escalation improvements.'s picture

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