SXSW: Here I Come

Whether you’re actually ready or just trying to convince yourself you are (I won’t tell if it’s the latter): SXSW is coming! Hopefully by now you’ve stocked up on Emergen-C, downloaded the Lyft app, and are as prepared as possible to embrace the exciting chaos that is SXSW.  

My name is Laura, and I’m the new Community & Content Manager for Spredfast. While I’ve attended my fair share of sessions, parties, and concerts in the past, this will be my first official SXSW with Spredfast.

Happy? You bet. 
Excited? You got that right. 
Ready? Well, I’m convincing myself I am.

In the spirit of SXSW, here’s a list of six happenings I’m looking forward to attending. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll catch you there?

Social Suite

It’s no secret: SXSW takes its toll. You’re racking up miles walking around downtown Austin, typing a mile a minute to share the latest happenings on Twitter, testing your patience while waiting in long lines, and all the while working up one wicked appetite. 

Well, Social Suite is going to be your home, suite, home. From manicures to free eats, escape the hustle and bustle of South By and treat yo’self. Most likely, you’ll be able to find me by the food or in the massage chair.

The Social Stage featuring The Flaming Lips and Future Islands

Do you realize how excited I am to experience The Flaming Lips live? I didn't think there was anything better than good music, good people, and good drinks, until I found out I have backstage access to meet these psychedelic music icons. Talk about an unforgettable experience! Don’t be too jealous though, because I'll be sharing my behind-the-scenes insights so your Sunday is sealed with a kiss. Pro tip: follow us on Snapchat (we’re “Spredfast”) for even more action shots you can enjoy for 24 hours! I promise not to judge if you rewatch each story a million times. If anything, I'll be flattered!

Want to join me? If you haven’t already, enter our Set the Social Stage Sweepstakes. Fair warning, I dance like no one’s watching and sing like I’m Queen Bey at the Superbowl. If you’re cool with that, I’ll save you a seat.

Community Manager Meetup

You know that feeling when you find a group of people and they just “get” you? I’m setting my hopes high for Sunday, when I get to meet and network with fellow Community Manager brethren.  Not only will we get to talk all things social, but we’ll also chat about the latest and greatest in social technology. 

IBM & Twitter: The Future of Digital Engagement

From the Future Islands to the Future of Digital, my future at SXSW is bound to be one for the books. I’m excited to attend this session and get an inside look at the nature of relationships between individuals and organizations in this data-driven age. Personally, I find nothing more fascinating than relationships. They can make and break you, lift you up or bring you down, but most importantly, they are the foundation of success for your social presence.

From networking with fellow Community Managers to discussing engagement with industry leaders, I cannot wait to share what I learn from these empowering sessions. However, despite my excitement, I do promise not to post 80 times about it.

There's no denying it: There are so many great sessions going on during SXSW. So many that it’s easy to miss out on some of the best sessions South By has to offer. Here are a few other top sessions I highly recommend hitting up.


As a self-proclaimed foodie, I never skip-out on snacking opportunities. In fact, there have been times (maybe one too many times, between you and me) where food was the determining factor on whether or not I’d attend an event. In other words: No food, no dice.

The good news is that SXSW brings the best of what Austin’s cooking to your plate. From BBQ to TexMex, there will be so many tantalizing options and finger-licking-good noms, you won’t know where to begin! Good thing our Snacker Tracker has Austin’s favorite eats and drinks in one place. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love food from my head tomatoes, and cannot wait to get a pizza the SXSW food action.

People Watching

Last, but certainly not least, I cannot wait for all the people watching opportunities. Here in Austin, we like to keep things weird. Here in Austin during SXSW, we throw ordinary to the wind and keep things even weirder. If you’d like to people watch with me, follow us online. From #hipsters to #tacos, we’ll be watching it all. 

Just as much as I enjoy people watching, I enjoy meeting new people even more! Swing by the Social Suite and introduce yourself. If you’d like to “meet” before SXSW, follow me at @LWooding2 on Twitter and, find me on Instagram. Cheers and happy SXSW, y'all!

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