SXSW Pulse: Adam Naide From Cox Communications Sums Up Real-Time Marketing in One Sentence.

Editor's Note One of our favorite things about SXSW is the conversations you have with folks in the hallways or at parties. As we run into smart people at SXSW, we chat them up and get their thoughts on the future of marketing and how we can better engage marketers.
Adam Naide is a Social Media Leader at Cox Communications. We ran into him at the SXSW Mosh Pit, a game show-like session hosted by our CEO, Sam Decker. In the session, audience members compete against each other by answering questions. Adam was one of the contestants, and his answers left the room speechless. He ended up winning the panel.
After the session, we asked Adam some questions about the future of marketing and social media. We’ll put the full video up after SXSW--but I was so in love with his description of real-time marketing, that I have to share it now.
“Real-time marketing is about sending the right message to the right person at the right time.”

See Adam’s full definition of real-time marketing in this 1-minute video:


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