SXSWi 2014: Business Up Front, Party Out Back

Or, “Why You Should Vote for These Four Sessions in the SXSW Panel Picker”


It’s the dog days of summer, but we’re already thinking of a cooler time, when the streets of downtown Austin run thick with the smartest, most passionate technology innovators from across the globe.  That time is March 7-11, 2014, that’s right people, we’re talking South by Southwest Interactive.

If you’ve hung out with us at SXSWi before, you know that we’re proud to call Austin our hometown and to welcome the best and brightest of our industry to town for a non-stop celebration of all things technology and digital creativity. There are many ways to celebrate. At Spredfast, we like to approach the celebration like that most glorious of hairstyles: the mullet. Business up front. Party out back.

Rest assured, we will be hosting our annual #SXSpredfast bash again this year. But first, we wanted to outline four opportunities to hear the Spredfast team talk about how brands are using social to transform their organizations and build lasting relationships. We also wanted to be up front and ask you a favor: can you vote for the panels you’d like to see at SXSW?

Has Social Killed Journalism or Re-Ignited It?
What role can professional journalists play in a world where advertising, editorial reporting, amateur posts, and brand-sponsored content all intermingle? In this session, Virginia Miracle, EVP of Professional Services, will join journalists, and media company representatives to debate the new, new future of media.
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All Companies are Social: The Open Business Age
 Rod Favaron, President & CEO of Spredfast, and Satya Patel, founding partner of Homebrew Ventures, former VP of product at Twitter debate how social media has disrupted business for good – and what companies can do to survive and thrive in a world where consumers have control and information flows freely.
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Keeping Score in Social: It’s More than Likes
Marketers face new challenges in extracting insights from, and measuring the results of, their large-scale social content programs. In this session, Jim Rudden, CMO, will share what it takes for brands to move beyond measuring likes to measure real social impact.
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Brands as Publishers: The Future of Media?
How will traditional media companies manage this new world where advertising and content have become intricately mingled? And how can brands manage this shift from advertiser to content creators at scale – creating, responding to, and analyzing millions of posts across dozens of social and media sites? Jordan Slabaugh, Director of Social Media moderates a panel of top brand, agency, and media representatives to discuss.
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Now, we promised you a party out back. Save the Date for another #SXSpredfast kick-off party, Friday, March 7.  To tide you over, relive some of the highlights from last year below. (You didn’t think that we were all business during the Festival, did you?)







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Brittany Edwards

Brittany is a Marketing Manager on the Brand Communications team at Spredfast where she leads the company's executive visibility and analyst relations programs. She spends her spare time chasing after her energetic toddler, playing soccer and enjoying all-things food related that Austin has to offer with her family.