Targeting Twitter Bios to Make Sophisticated Target Audiences

With the abundance of strategies out there to help you target on Twitter, which one is going to give you the most bang for your buck? The most precise one. No matter which industry you’re in, B2C or B2B, you can make smart Twitter target audiences based off the most straightforward element of each Twitter profile: the author bio.

What kind of information do we come across in Twitter bios? Some users disclose their professional information, using Twitter as a channel to build their personal brand. Other users focus on describing who they are through listing passions or opinions. What makes the Twitter bio powerful is how it is an opportunity for users to self-identify in free form. Now, you can tap into the how people describe themselves to create precise targets of people that are likely to be or become buyers of your product. You’re crossing the bridge of talking to them and not at them with Twitter bios.

You can currently target your paid efforts on Twitter based on keywords, account followers, behaviors, demographics, geographics, retargeting, interests, and events. Using biographical information through Spredfast Intelligence allows you drill deeper from the surface-level and discover relevant new audiences for your product.


Have a new product or collection launch coming soon? Sure, your current audience will love it. But what if the price point is slightly higher than average - how will you reach a new audience?

Nasty Gal, a women’s online retailer, is popular amongst a young target market, ages 16-24. Although the brand is now a competitor of fast-fashion retailers, it stays true to its roots in vintage clothing. Nasty Gal sells luxury vintage finds like Chanel handbags which, regardless of age, always come with a hefty price tag. This presents an opportunity: how can Nasty Gal reach an older, wealthier audience—one looking for rare vintage finds with no concern over price point?

NastyGal’s Current Following


Keeping the target audience in mind, we create a list of competitors that already carry high-end luxury fashion. In Intelligence Labs, you can see the world of opportunity of who’s out there ready to buy.

Now, here comes the fun.

We can narrow the results of Group B—our new, wealthier demographic—into likely buyers of Nasty Gal’s vintage collection by searching for bio terms like: Fashionista, Luxury, Shopaholic, Vintage, etc. The result? A highly qualified group of avid shoppers with bigger wallets for your new collection launch.


Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nastygal, has coined the term “#GirlBoss” since her book’s release in 2014. With a term so widely used and specific to the movement, Nasty Gal can identify influencers who self-identify with the term. For her next book release, Amoruso could expand her audience to include those who are using the term and not already following NastyGal.

Although it is a small group of non-followers, it’s low-hanging-fruit to turn this new audience into followers and buyers.

B2B Strategies


At Spredfast, we take events very seriously. You may have heard about our brand experience at SXSW this past year.

Back in January, when we decided we wanted to go bigger and badder for SXSW, we needed to make sure that everyone coming to SXSW would know about our registration-only event.

We used Intelligence to search for everyone who attended SXSW in 2015 by searching SXSW mentions in March 2015. Understanding that SXSW is a conference for a mix of industries, from tech to film to music, we wanted to make sure that we were only getting our ads in front of people who fit within our target market: marketers. So we narrowed down the audience of those who attended SXSW by additional filtering of their author bio searching for terms like: digital, marketing, social, etc.

The click-through-rate on our ads was 3x our average, confirming that we had targeted the most relevant audience. With the help of event targeting, we were able to shatter our registration record.

Job Titles

As you may have guessed, for a B2B company, the biggest advantage of Twitter bio targeting is finding the titles and companies you are looking for.

Starting with a need to expand our agency audience, we conducted a search of agencies combined with a search of relevant title keywords. Below is an example of what we found. Knowing that we’ve hit our target, we were able to download a healthy list of active Twitter users and begin promoting our content to them.

Whether you’re a B2C or B2B company, you should always feel empowered to know exactly who you’re targeting, so you can feel confident in the way you’re spending budget - while growing your following. A little extra effort up front can assure you never spend your ad dollars on people who wouldn’t buy your product again.

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Ary Esfahani is a Digital Strategist at Spredfast. She is passionate about the evolving landscape of digital and writes to help marketers be ahead of that change.