Three reasons why marketers should embrace Vine


On April 29, 2011 one of the most sought-after events occurred—the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Hours of commentary and live footage rolled leading up to the wedding but interestingly enough, one of the most popular videos from ABC was "The Royal Wedding in 3 Minutes".

Why you may ask? Consumers today are busy and oversaturated with information. People gravitate towards content that is short and sweet. We don’t even have the focus to sit through a wedding, despite its mark on history. Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

If you are a marketer, you should to be thinking about how to create snackable content- media that is quick to resonate and easy to share. Below are some of the key reasons why marketers should start thinking about integration of Vine content as a means to capture and engage an audience.

1.) It doesn’t just tell you what, it can show you how

Photos are powerful in their tacit ability to transfer knowledge and make a point quickly. But videos are instructional, and when turned to the consumer, they are personal and authentic. Even a short video can not only highlight what your product is, but more importantly showcase how it plays an active role in the everyday lives of customers. Brands should keep an eye towards curating and displaying Vine videos as a way to play host to real stories that underscore the perceived value of the brand.

2.) Easy to create, easy to share

There is a reason apps like Instagram experienced rapid growth and adoption. Vine is no different- it is an application that represents a free, fun, and intuitive way to create compelling content. What’s more, the media type is easily integrated into the platform and device where consumers are already spending increasingly long amounts of time- Twitter and mobile respectively. The sharability factor is high as followers and friends can quickly consume and amplify the message throughout the social sphere.

3.) Location, location, location

One of the biggest advantages of Vine is that it’s incredibly easy for users to add geo-location to their posts. Brands who are sourcing and re-displaying social media can use location as a filter to select videos to highlight and deploy across other digital properties. The implication to become more targeted with content that is shared to specific markets, around promotions, and events is significant as consumers expect content that is not only interactive, but hyper relevant.

To learn more about sourcing Vine content within Tweets using the Mass Relevance platform, contact your client services representative or reach out to us at hello@massrelevance!

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