Three Ways to Integrate Social Engagement Into Your Holiday Campaign

The Holidays Are Approaching!

With the holiday season right around the corner, brands and media companies have the unique opportunity to engage with existing customers and build relationships with new demographics through impactful marketing campaigns.

According to National Retail Foundation, the holiday season can represent up to 20 – 40% of annual sales. Additionally, Hubspot has reported that 40% of consumers begin their shopping in November, meaning the time to begin engaging with customers is quickly approaching. Luckily, it is not too late to strategize and execute an effective and dynamic holiday campaign.

Looking for ideas? Here are three ways you can integrate social engagement into your holiday campaign!

1: Utilize Word-Of-Mouth Content Through The Web

More than ever before, customers this holiday season will turn to the web to do their shopping. As noted in a study performed by Edelman on trust and credibility in the media, a “person like me” is now considered one of the most credible spokespeople on businesses and brands. It is expected and unsurprising then that their study found that social networking sites, micro-blogging sites such as Twitter, and content-sharing sites have dramatically increased as trusted sources of information.

Understanding the value of such word-of-mouth, TaylorMade built a campaign centered around interactive social engagement during Father’s Day, the most profitable holiday for golfing apparel. Because Father’s Day coincided with the US Open, TaylorMade leveraged the Mass Relevance platform, enabling them to engage fans with an immersive experience that allowed consumers to interact with players, connect with other consumers, and share brand affinity. Such engagement resulted in the generation of more than 19,000 new fans during the event across multiple social channels.

Just as TaylorMade leveraged Father’s Day to engage fans, how are you planning to take advantage of the holidays?

Victoria Secret’s summer-time campaign not only utilized the word-of-mouth phenomena, but it also provided multiple ways for consumers to participate in an engaging conversation, while getting excited about new products. Knowing that their customers regularly visited Facebook, they built an interactive campaign that lived on their Facebook brand page and integrated Twitter streams, all powered by Mass Relevance. Each week, they changed the MadLib game that lived on the site to highlight new products. By changing the conversation each week, Victoria’s Secret not only kept consumers engaged and conversing on their site, but they were also able to draw attention to different gift ideas. Because they partnered with Mass Relevance, no IT resources were required and the social base was executed with ease.

With the holidays soon approaching, how are you engaging and interacting with your customers every week?

2: Engage With Participatory Experiences

With the holidays approaching, consumers have limitless options on products to buy as gifts for their family and friends. Providing a voting experience for your customers not only highlights your popular products, but also amplifies your brand to potential consumers. With the Mass Relevance Product Studio, you can ask, “What are the coolest holidays gift this season?” and we can quickly and effectively built a leaderboard that generates and fuels participation and conversation.

Partnering with Mass Relevance, the Giants grew engagement with fans in their stadium by being the first professional sports team to integrate live Tweets into their fan experience using the hashtag #NYGiants. Fans voted for their favorite player each week, and results were highlighted on a leaderboard, built by Mass Relevance and integrated into the Giant’s website. Because votes amplified the Giant brand throughout social networks, as a result of their fan engagement efforts, the Giants saw an increase of 122.87% in Twitter followers and moved from being the 23rd most social team to the 3rd most social team.

What are you doing to encourage and empower customers to participate with your brand?

3: Integrate Across Channels

Integrating your marketing campaign across multiple channels ensures that your brand receives the optimal amount of attention, engagement, and amplification. Campbell’s Soup utilized this strategy with their campaign for V8 and Chunky Soup. Using television commercials to drive consumers to their website, Campbell’s Soup increased overall site traffic. Once on the website, customers could engage with creative social experiences, such as the V8 Vocabulator, a create-your-own-word device. Built by Mass Relevance, the site was central to Campbell’s campaign. While the TV spot fueled traffic to the site, the hosted experiences improved engagement and amplified Campbell's message.

Leveraging hashtags, URLs in emails, and citing social hubs and experiences in holiday catalogs are all ways to optimize integration across channels - ensuring reach, driving your campaign, engaging your consumers, and ultimately, propelling your holidays sales.

How are you utilizing social experiences across multiple channels?

Your Holiday Campaign

The possibilities to engage your target demographic this holiday season are endless. With Product Studio, you can create effective solutions that will help you drive engagement and sales during holiday months.

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to leverage our platform to amplify your consumers’ voice and drive brand preference across all channels.

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William Griggs

William Griggs is a Field Marketing Manager at Spredfast who specializes in pipeline generation.