The Top 6 Reasons Why B2B Social Marketers Should Use Social Media

This is a guest post by Jon Sander, planner and director of social media at Mason Zimbler.

Social media has quickly become one of the best ways to reach large audiences who are hungry for information and conversation. People do not doubt the power of social media to influence a customer"™s decision-making, but the question for B2B marketers has always been, "Is it the right fit in the B2B marketing environment?" The answer is yes. Here is a list of the top six reasons why B2B marketers should use social media:

1.    Unmatched listening "“ New social listening and analytic tools are showing up everyday. These tools can be used to analyze the broad market conversations, your competitors, social influencers mentioning your brand, the type of content being shared and much more.
2.    Leveraging existing digital content "“ You can leverage what you"™ve learned about your audience through social listening and review your current content to see if it aligns with the topics and information your target audience is asking for. Or, you"™ll be able to tell if you have gaps in content and need to go create content that is more timely and relevant.
3.    Build a social profile of your audience "“ Your audience is voluntarily telling you more about themselves. You can use social media data to learn your audience"™s personal interests, favorite topics to discuss, their preferred social networks, "real" title and more. You can use this type of data to enhance your current database with richer data to develop more targeted messaging.
4.    Quality over quantity "“ The B2B social media environment may have a smaller audience base, but it is higher quality and more targeted than in B2C, which allows you to be more specific and relevant in your messaging.
5.    Increased ability to track conversions "“ Social media can be used in tandem with other digital marketing tactics to drive prospects to the top of the sales funnel. Conversions can be much clearer in B2B than B2C due to the unique environment and what is being marketed. Social media is trackable.
6.    Cost effective "“ Social advertising to B2B audiences is 1/10th the cost of traditional advertisements and you are able to get a higher R.O.I. on your investment because your audience is more targeted.

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