Trendology, the First Book to Put Real-Time to the Test

At Spredfast, we are all thinking about how brands can effectively market at the speed of life, from our developers to our customer success team and, naturally, our marketing department.

For the last two years, Chris Kerns, our Director of Research & Analytics, has been leading the data-driven side of this discussion. His insights on real-time marketing appear in many articles from the USA Today to Forbes. They also now fill a book. A really good book that hits shelves today.

A couple weeks ago I introduced the 3 rhythms that social marketers are challenged with today, including daily, planned, and real-time moments of audience engagement. Today’s marketers are feeling the pressure to address all three rhythms, but real-time marketing (RTM) is the newest.

For some reason, RTM has an army of detractors. Even John Oliver has taken a shot at RTM. There are no shortage of opinions about RTM–none backed by any meaningful analysis.

Chris has changed that with his new book, Trendology. He evaluated the social activity of over 100 of the world’s largest brands to determine when, how and why RTM succeeds.

The short answer is that RTM succeeds when it combines audience attention and relevance to form a brand connection. The long answer is quite fascinating and more nuanced—and it involves Beyonce, a hat, Justin Bieber and the Force. Are you in?

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Jim Rudden

Jim is responsible for worldwide brand, product and revenue marketing at Spredfast. Prior to Spredfast, Jim was VP of Global Marketing at Lombardi Software (acquired by IBM) where he was responsible for brand and product marketing, as well as demand generation. He has more than 20 years experience in technology marketing and implementation in the areas of enterprise software. He has held positions in product management, marketing, consulting, and sales at Lombardi Software, BetweenMarkets Software (acquired by Innovis), and Trilogy Software. Jim holds a B.A. in American Studies from Stanford University.