Twitter and the 2012 "Socialympics" Top Tweets

The 2012 Olympic Games are nearing the end. Olympic related content has been exploding across multiple platforms - and for the first time audience members, fans, athletes, networks and commentators are connected and talking. They are adding context and revealing stories that would otherwise go unreported. In anticipation of this year's "socialympics" NBC built a social hub to curate all of these stories in one place on their site. We've been tracking the buzz so far and here's what's been trending across the 20+ Million Tweets of the first 10 days.

For more on how Twitter is talking about the 2012 Olympics visit:

Check back next week to see the final numbers plus some fun stats around the highest Tweeted fashion brand of the Olympics and more.'s picture

William Griggs

William Griggs is a Field Marketing Manager at Spredfast who specializes in pipeline generation.