Twitter and Reality TV, Sitting in a Tree

Reality TV has bred a legion of mini-celebrities. They sing. They dance. They squabble and cook and design and race and survive. And, within the last year or so, they’ve pretty much all begun to Tweet. Reality TV show producers are missing out on an opportunity to take advantage of this phenomenon.

Indeed, one of the most beautiful things about Twitter is that we’re all on exactly the same playing field; everyday Joes and Janes share the Twittersphere with the world’s most famous celebrities and most influential people. Just as frequently as we receive updates from our colleagues and friends, we get 140-character glimpses into the off-camera lives of our favorite stars. To see a Tweet from a nearby friend followed immediately by one from a bejeweled LA starlet is strangely satisfying. It’s a feeling that each person is exactly as far away as any other, and we’re all connected.

Each show’s website should aggregate and feature the Tweets of its stars. As opposed to the quickly-stale bio pages for each show member, celebrity Tweets are constantly fresh and are voiced in the star’s own words. Your audience doesn’t need the video of last night’s show; they’ve already seen it. They want the fresh dirt, the behind-the-scenes banter, and the candid thoughts of their favorite contestants. This will keep them coming back, frequently…

…to the tune of millions of ad impressions.

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