Video Interview: How We Reduce Noise Using Social Curation

At SXSW 2011, WebProNews interviewed Sam Decker, CEO, to learn more about how we help enterprise customers use relevant, user generated content to create social experiences.

To watch the full interview on WebProNews, click here:

Audiences are demanding more interactive experiences while they’re watching television or while they’re at live events. According to a recent CNBC article, Nielson reports that 58% of TV viewers access the web while watching TV and Twitter reports that the number of tweets during a live event can spike to 50 times the average.

Brands need to make every contact point they have with their audience more engaging and interesting, and they can do this with real-time user generated content. However, with over 140 million tweets a day, it’s difficult to pull out the right and relevant content that will create a great experience, and that’s exactly what our platform does for our clients.

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