Vote Now: Say Yes to These 6 SXSW Sessions

In less than seven months, over 70,000 people will flock to Austin, Texas for the 2018 South by Southwest Conference. With 25 different tracks and hundreds of sessions exploring topics in Brands & Marketing, Social Impact, VR/AR, Intelligent Future, and many more, there are endless opportunities to be inspired from some of the smartest and innovative minds from all over the world.

Believe it or not, voting for SXSW panels is already underway. By voting, you can help determine what sessions get to the stage.

Spredfast was named one of the best brand experiences of SXSW, and we have even greater plans in store for 2018—starting with these six SXSW panel submissions.

We need your votes to help bring to life these six essential panels for marketers. Here’s information on how to vote, which panels to vote for, and proof that clicking “vote up” will be well worth your while come March.

How to Vote

  • 1) Click here.
  • 2) Set up an account.
  • 3) Search "Spredfast."
  • 4) Select each panel and click “vote up” in the upper left hand corner of the session page.

1. The Secrets of Cult Brands

This panel is for marketers looking to unlock fanatical followings and lasting brand loyalty. Best-in-class brands Glossier, Instagram, NFL and Spredfast will share how they achieve cult status by giving their customers and fans something to believe in that goes far beyond their products—or in NFL’s instance, the game.

2. Return on Inclusion—3 Generations of Women at Work

Return on Investment looms large in the C-suite—and rightly so—but another kind of ROI also deserves attention, too: have you considered your company’s Return on Inclusion? This kind of ROI is about the business benefits that a focus on diversity can yield. This panel of women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s will share how empowering women in the workplace not only breeds innovation, but drives bottom-line business.

3. How Social Gaming is Taking Over the World

Gaming has become so much more than just winning and losing. Social aspects, like voice and text, have made the act of gaming incredibly immersive and entertaining. Sow do you take advantage of social gaming in your industry? Twitch TV and Spredfast will explore the meteoric rise of social gaming—and how brands can capitalize on the platform, now and in the future.

4. The Social Media Shift Big Brands Have to Understand

Social has reset the rules about how customers interact with your business. How do you anticipate these new rhythms of business and differentiate yourself in a world dominated by the social customer? Spredfast CEO Rod Favaron will answer these questions in a solo panel aimed at social marketers, brands, and executives who seek to understand how social media fundamentally changes their relationships with customers.

5. The Science of Advertising: Is Your Brand Safe?

It’s no secret that today’s media landscape is fragmented. From algorithm-controlled ad placements to rapidly spreading fake news, marketers have legitimate concerns about the safety of their brands when advertised on digital platforms. How can marketers protect their brands in the digital space and ensure that money spent on advertising is used wisely and not to their detriment? This panel will feature Spredfast’s CMO Jim Rudden.

6. Weaponized Content: Lessons from the Medici to GM

What lessons can we learn by looking at the pre-broadcast media world of the Renaissance than can be applied today as broadcast media starts to wane? In this dual panel session, Spredfast and General Motors will explore what content marketers can learn from the Renaissance period: from projecting a message to engaging an audience.

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Caitlin Cavanaugh is the Brand Marketing Manager for Spredfast, where she spends her time building the world’s most #SmartSocial brand through the power of customer voice. When she’s not chasing a revolutionary success story, you can find her embarking on her next hunting or fishing expedition or baking up a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies.