We all Need Somebody to Lean On...Especially at CES

For those of you who have attended the International Consumer Electronics Show, you know it takes a brave soul to navigate arguably the largest and most exhausting event in technology. Whether you packed your bags with comfortable shoes and thousands of business cards, or decided to follow the action from the safety of your home, staying on top of the most buzzworthy news coming out of CES is next to impossible.

We could all use some help, a Companion if you will. With this in mind, we took it upon ourselves to build the CES Social Viewer using the Mass Relevance Companion Solution.

Now conference goers and techies around the world can take in all the social content around the show over the course of the week.

The CES Social Viewer contains:

  • A tab showcasing real-time Twitter conversations filtered down to capture only relevant conversations about the show - announcements, news, popular exhibitors...you name it.
  • A photo-wall with Twitter and Instagram photos from people on the floor is a great way to check out the latest gadgets and spot celebrity attendees.
  • A multi-tab with separate streams of content about the show, Tweets from major media outlets, and a third stream with conversations about what’s going on in Vegas (everything from crazy parties to which cab stands don’t have lines).
  • A trending topics page giving viewers insight into the most buzzed about content per hour on Twitter, aiding people to discover the hottest topics as announcements and reactions unfold.

Serving as a virtual and social guide, the Companion solution is a powerful tool to help people navigate and discover what’s relevant and timely.

Over the next year we’d like to see how brands could use this solution. What do you think? Would you use the Companion to capture how people are talking about product launches? Or maybe what your brand ambassadors and bloggers have to say about fashion in 2013?

The possibilities are endless and we’d love to hear your ideas below!

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