Marketing Trends + Strategies

The Enterprise Marketer's Guide to Managing Change

May 30, 2017
As an enterprise marketer, you know you have to navigate change consistently—we've got tips on how to do so gracefully.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

How the Non-Linear Customer Journey Changes Marketing

May 26, 2017
What does the new, fragmented, non-linear customer journey mean for marketers? We explore the challenges and opportunities alike.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

From Cadence to Campaign: Focused Storytelling on Social

May 24, 2017
On social, leading with storytelling truly pays off. Read on to find out how.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

How CPG Companies Handle Social Customer Care

May 23, 2017
CPG brands leave 91% of all tweets unanswered. What is the state of social customer care for the CPG industry—and what can we learn from the data?
Marketing Trends + Strategies

3 Tips to Take Your Content Marketing to the Next Level

May 18, 2017
You have all the tools for great content marketing at your fingertips. We’ll show you how to use them.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

3 Ways Social Listening Can Help CPG Companies Build a Better Brand

May 17, 2017
Social is the biggest focus group in history. Learn how and why it's a game-changer for CPG brands.
travel hospitality influencer marketing
Marketing Trends + Strategies

3 Travel & Hospitality Brands who Excel at Influencer Marketing

May 16, 2017
We've got three shining examples of travel industry influencer marketing in action—and one cautionary tale—that can help brands of all types improve their influencer strategies.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

4 Finserv Social Media Campaigns Worth Noting

May 12, 2017
Check out how these 4 finserv social media campaigns proved that regulation is no reason to remain on the sidelines of social.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

3 Finserv Companies Who've Mastered Content for Millennials

May 11, 2017
We've got three standout examples of financial services companies serving up content that resonates with a millennial audience.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

How to Integrate Digital Elements into Your Experiential Marketing Campaigns

May 9, 2017
Now more than ever, marketers must master tangible experiences that are digitally integrated. We've got five shining examples.

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