We'd Like To See You at SXSWi, But...

The SXSW Interactive Festival is just amazing. There are too many ways to describe it to make any rise above the rest. It's just an amazing time to network and share ideas. We love it, so we need your help to make it a reality. Now, you don't have to do much, really.

Here are things that you don't have to do to get us to SXSWi:

  • Pay us $1.6 Million (some VCs already did that)
  • Bribe the SXSWi panel of advisors (no comment)
  • Sue anybody whose name even remotely ends in a word like "fast" (other companies are doing that, so it's passe now)
  • Wear red pants (our founder does that once a week)
  • Buy our product (although we wish you would)

Nope, you don't have to do any of that. All we need you to do is VOTE for us.

Easy, right? Click just two little thumbs up icons. Even certain presidents could do that.

Here are the two sessions we'd like you to vote for. We appreciate your help and thank you in advance for your vote.

That Tweet Equalled How Much In Sales!? Ken Cho, co-founder of Spredfast, will walk through how integration with the traditional marketing and sales tools with social media tools can help hone in on what’s actually making and impact, what those reliable metrics are and how this can improve the company’s bottom line.

You Can Do that?! – Managing/Analyzing Social Media As people are drowning in a sea of social media tools, the first step in staying above water is picking the right tool with the options and features you need without being overwhelming – this makes it quite the challenge to know which one(s) to use. This panel will help you sort through all of the choices.






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