What Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change Means in 2014

Want to reach more people in 2014? Well, you are going to have to pay for that. That is Facebook’s new stance, after announcing changes to its algorithm earlier this month, which cuts down on a brand’s organic post reach by delivering mainly paid messaging to a user’s News Feed.

This change was meant to further Facebook’s goal of delivering content “to the right people at the right time.” With up to 1,500 available stories per day, these messages need some sort of quality control - some way to filter out the irrelevant content and only show you quality postings. This is where the paid approach comes in.

While paying for increased reach isn’t anything new to the marketing world, paying to reach your “organic” audience may seem like a slight oxymoron. So what can you do as a marketer?

For starters, don’t give up on your content strategy. If you are producing quality content, chances are your audience will still visit your page, view your content organically and even share it, resulting in those tertiary engagements.

Second, don’t ever think of social media as “free.” Social media has always required hours of planning, strategy and creative elements in order to achieve the best results. The basic formula of quality content + a good paid and organic social strategy = a successful campaign has always applied. Those campaigns that have some paid element have always been more successful than those that have relied solely on organic reach - you must have a good mix of both.

Third, think like a publisher (or even pair with one). Facebook also recently announced a change that would favor “high quality articles” over the “latest meme” meaning articles from publishers would get higher priority on your News Feed. So don’t create content just to put something up - think before you post. Ask yourself, “Is this a quality posting?” and if the answer is, “no,” don’t post it. Fewer, high-quality postings are better than a dozen so-so ones. If you are running a big campaign, you may want to even consider partnering with a publisher to create content to increase your brand’s reach, both on their site and on Facebook.

So in essence what does this all mean? Nothing. Facebook’s algorithm changes don’t change the fact that quality content remains the key to any successful social campaign.



Carolina Thomas is a Social Strategist at Spredfast where she works with global B2B and B2C companies to understand, build, and grow their social presences. 


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