What our Emmy Award Win Means for Social TV

I’d like to start off by thanking the Academy…only kidding, of course.  In all seriousness though, we couldn’t be more honored to be a recipient of the 66th Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards for Innovation in Improving Engagement around TV in Social Media.  We’re proud to find ourselves in the good company of our partners at Twitter, who also won an award in the category. While we are stoked about our Statuette, we’re actually more thrilled about what this award means for the industry. 

One of the most historic broadcast mediums, television, has rapidly evolved.  Gone are the days of TV being a one-directional medium where audiences were purely the consumers of information and programming.  Looking back to even 10 years ago in the industry, the technology to involve audiences simply didn’t exist.  The best attempts focused around the “telephone call-in show” format (think CSPAN taking callers). That approach was suboptimal—show producers had no editorial control over the content and while viewers had a shot to get on air and express their opinion, they had no way to interact in real-time at scale.  

Today, new technologies have emerged to enable TV to truly become a participatory and engaging channel.  Consumers no longer simply sit on their couch and passively watch programming. Instead, fans craving a connection to their most beloved shows and characters are now empowered to voice their opinion, influence programming, and interact with fellow viewers in real-time through social media.  The emergence of social TV integration strikes the perfect balance by involving the audience without sacrificing programming and editorial quality.

When given the opportunity to participate, consumers become more engaged. Higher engagement yields better ratings, a win-win for networks and viewers.  Whether it’s participating in a live Twitter Q&A with broadcasters, casting a vote for a favorite reality show contestant, or following a hashtag to see the latest conversation about the big game, social TV has forever changed the way we watch and enjoy TV. 

We are proud to have pioneered the growth of broadcast social integration and real-time audience engagement, but this is just the beginning. As a company, we’re dedicated to continually pushing the boundaries in every industry we touch, and media is no exception.  We see the media landscape continuing to evolve to one that requires engaging the audience, wherever they are, with their ever-shorter attention spans fragmented across a variety of digital touch points.  You can be sure you’ll see us at the forefront, partnering with today’s most innovative media companies and brands to deliver captivating experiences that keep audiences engaged. 

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