What the Women behind Broad City can Teach you about Tumblr

There are plenty of fans out there, raving about products, shows, and celebrities they love, all across the social web. Why? They want to connect with others who share their passion and interests.

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that, in Tumblr's own words, "[makes] it really, really simple for people to make a blog and put whatever they want on it.“  Like Instagram and Snapchat, it has received a lot of attention from marketers because of its young, social-savvy users. 

In our newly released Smart Social Report, we look at the relationship between official network Tumblrs and fan Tumblrs for some of today's most popular shows. Today we're looking at an example of a high performing network Tumblr and how it gets fans to engage.

Broad City Finds Fame Off-Screen

Broad City is a TV show on Comedy Central. The television show began as a web series. In fact, the first episode was posted to Tumblr in 2010. While this post received only three notes (a note is a combination of like and reblog actions) they have recently been averaging over 2,000 notes per post.

How does Broad City succeed on Tumblr?

They showcase exclusive content from the stars

This Tumblr is still run by the show’s creators, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, and they post a lot of original content (90% of posts are original content, 10% are reblogs). Tumblr has given Abbi and Ilana a space to connect directly with fans and share exclusive updates.


​They highlight fan content

Abbi and Ilana provide frequent wrap-ups of the best fan-created content, recognizing the most enthusiastic fans and inspiring them to share their creations. 


They update consistently, even during the off-season

Social media is always on, and in the age of Hulu, Netflix, and HBO GO, so are television series. The consistent cadence of posts from Ilana and Abbi keeps fans engaged, even when the show isn't airing on TV.

Broad City understands the audience and the norms of the larger Tumblr community. Knowing how their audience behaves, Abbi and Ilana have successfuly created an online space to celebrate their fans' content and their mutual enthusiasm for the show. We’ll continue to highlight new ways to establish successful Tumblr communities and analyze how other networks and verticals are building a strong presence.

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