What You Can Do To Help On World Water Day

Everyone deserves access to safe, clean water. This World Water Day, we want to cast a light on water-related issues around the world and inspire you with a look at how, together with charity: water, the Spredfast community can take action.

Unequal access to safe water means that millions of people—women and children in particular—must spend much of their day walking to fetch clean water and carrying it back to their homes. This impacts them in startling ways. Globally, women and children spend an average of 200 million hours every day collecting clean water. In Africa and Asia, children walk an average of 3.7 miles each day just to fetch water and in Sub-Saharan Africa, women spend an estimated combined total of 16 million hours per day collecting water while children spend an estimated combined total of four million hours.

Water is essential to life. People without access to clean water are at risk for disease, especially young children and the elderly. Without clean water communities cannot grow and people within them cannot thrive. Today, there are 663 million people without access to a safe and clean water supply close to home, but many organizations are working hard to change that.

Help us raise money for clean water just by tweeting: For every social post using the #SpredWater hashtag we pledge $2.


Why We Partnered with charity: water

At Spredfast, we believe in living our values as a brand—walking the walk, you might say—and that’s why our partnership with charity: water is so important to us. There are many reasons we chose charity: water as our nonprofit partner, including the powerful way they use social media to connect donors to the communities they serve.

Since its inception, charity: water has funded 24,537 water projects reaching seven million people worldwide and that number continues to grow. Because private donors cover operating costs, charity: water can use 100% of the donations to bring clean water to the people who need it most. Charity: water works with established organizations around the world to build “sustainable, community-owned water projects.” In areas where their projects were completed, people spent 62% less time collecting water per trip (50 minutes before to 19 minutes after).

What We’re Accomplishing with charity: water

SpredWater is our joint effort with charity: water that launched in 2016 at our Smart Social Summit. During Summit, we launched the first version of our SpredWater website where, via Twitter, we asked conference attendees to cast their vote for the name of the well we were raising funds to build. When the votes were in, we launched the second version of our site announcing the well’s name. This past year, our SpredWater campaign evolved a third time when we updated our site to announce the second well we hope to build.

Our partnership has so far allowed us to begin building a well in Tigray, Ethiopia, a beautiful place that has been devastated by civil war. Large areas are now susceptible to drought and water scarcity, but the well we are building in partnership with local organizations will provide clean, safe water to 150 people. Watch our project update and experience the joy felt by community members:



Your social shares = our donations—tweet with #SpredWater & help us bring clean drinking water to people who need it.


What’s New for charity: water

Charity: water has helped more than seven million people access clean, safe water—that’s more than seven million people in 24 countries—and counting. Their list of completed projects is long, and charity: water helps donors understand just how effective their generosity is with remote sensors which capture water flow.

But beyond the incredible moments of providing rural communities their first clean water, charity: water is also working to ensure their completed projects keep running smoothly with Pipeline, their “system of local leaders, innovative technology, and trained mechanics all working together to keep water flowing.” Pipeline is one of the reasons we respect the work of charity: water so much: their commitment to the communities they enter is life-long.

We’re raising money now to build a second well, and by posting on social with the hashtag #SpredWater, you can help us get there:



Our community is on it:




We hope you’ll join our efforts to bring clean water to as many people as possible.


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