When the Spredfast Team Makes their Favorite Pinterest Holiday Recipes...

We’re a social company. Naturally we love to talk, tweet, share, post, and pin. With the holiday season in full-swing, we asked our team to share some of their favorite recipes from our partner at Pinterest...and their results. The following pictures include images of recipes on Pinterest and the outcome produced by several members of our team. 

So grab your peppermint white hot chocolate, kick back in your DIY sweater slippers, and get ready to be Pin-spired by some of our creations:

Apple Roses

Oh yes, of course one of our senior designers took on the infamous apple roses of Pinterest. While most of us who’ve attempted to take on this recipe end up with this result:


Our very own Amanda Donaldson produced this artwork that was almost too pretty to eat:

Amanda said that the recipe was “very easy” and “took less time than I expected. She claims that “They look way more complicated than the time it took to bake.” Either way, we were impressed and the product was devoured.

Pro tip: Amanda used a mandolin to cut the apples, which she said saved her a ton of time but admittedly she did slice off part of her finger...

Seared Scallops with Basil Olive Oil Pistou

Continuing the challenging recipes streak is Jennifer Blanco, one of Spredfast’s senior strategists who is also unquestionably gifted in the culinary arts. Don’t believe me? Check out her Instagram that’s filled with lasagna, macarons, and all other sorts of homemade, Pinterest-y deliciousness.  

The experienced foodies said that her seared scallops did not rank high on the level of difficulty and as you can see, the presentation rivals that of the professional Pinterest image:

Creamed Spinach

A fellow strategy team member also shared her Pinterest creation. Traci Mazurek was on the hunt for a good steakhouse-style creamed spinach and wound up making this dish:

This Pinterest find comes from Food Network personality, Ree Drummond, more commonly known as The Pioneer Woman.  

Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies

Moving into the dessert category, we have Leo Laskin’s peanut butter chocolate brownies. These little squares of heaven were gobbled up shortly after he brought them into the office and looking at the picture, you can probably see why:

Admittedly, this dish was created by Leo’s wife—but doesn’t it look delectable?

Toll House Chocolate Chip Pie

Caitlin Cavanaugh from our marketing team created a chocolate chip pie for “roughly the 50th time in her lifetime.” She said the recipe is so easy “an eight-year-old can make it” but she recommends taking off high heels when carrying the pie to avoid any mishaps.

Finally, My Masterpiece

For my Pinterest recipe I created a pumpkin pie with marshmallow frosting. It’s foolproof, it’s scrumptious, but no, it’s not low cal. This dessert took very little prep time and it adds a little oomph to the traditional pumpkin pie.

I re-made the dish for Thanksgiving this year and it rivaled the turkey in terms of popularity.

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