The White House Gets Social in Austin

President Obama recently kicked off a series of Middle Class Jobs & Opportunity Tours, and his first stop was in our hometown of Austin, Texas. He visited Capital Factory, a start-up incubator, to meet with a handful of entrepreneurs who are creating jobs that will drive Austin’s long-term growth. Our co-founder and CTO, Eric Falcao represented Mass Relevance in the meeting, and shared how our explosive growth is creating jobs in Austin’s ever-expanding tech market.

Additionally, Eric was thrilled to show the President how our platform aggregates, filters, and displays real-time social content from any open social network to any digital surface. This helps brands involve their audience in their marketing programs.

To demonstrate this in real-time, Eric showed the President a live stream of all of the Tweets about his visit to Austin. The President was able to see what people had to say about his visit to our city – including some harsh words over his choice for a BBQ lunch. We take our BBQ seriously in Texas, as the President now knows!

Eric left the meeting impressed by the President’s passion for connecting with the public through social media. Tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have given a megaphone to those who would not normally have the stage on issues ranging from healthcare reform to gun control. Mass Relevance is honored to have worked with the current administration on multiple social engagement efforts. Regardless of where our team members stand on the political spectrum, we are proud to help amplify the voice of the people through our platform. Here are a few of the ways we’ve seen the White House engage with the public through social media.

Last year, Twitter, Facebook and Mass Relevance built real-time social experiences for the Republican National Convention. We curated conversations about the Republican National Convention from Facebook and Twitter, and re-displayed the most relevant and interesting content in-venue and online.

Large digital displays at the conference showed the voice of the people on the stage, ensuring they were represented in the conversation.

In 2011 President Obama hosted the first ever Presidential Twitter Town Hall. People from all over the country Tweeted in questions, and our platform filtered and re-displayed content live for the President to answer on TV and online. The President was able to connect directly with viewers at home, answering their questions in real-time during the Town Hall.

We are impressed with how government officials are using social media to involve the opinions, viewpoints, and perspectives of their constituents. We are proud to help bring the voice of the people front and center for such important conversations.


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