The Why, the How, & the Future of RetailMeNot’s Social Strategy

There are deal-seekers among us in stores, online - and at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. As a native Austinite, coupon distributor RetailMeNot supported the major musical event with a stage sponsorship. While artists took their place on stage, RetailMeNot took their place on social in order to do what they do best—share a good deal.  

We had the opportunity to sit down with Drew Dawson, RetailMeNot’s Senior Associate of Channel Marketing, who answered three crucial questions that explain how social enhanced the brand’s ACL presence and how they’ve continued to stay nimble in a rapidly changing environment.

Q: Why is social an important part of RetailMeNot’s marketing activities?

A: Social is our differentiator—it’s our opportunity to show our brand’s personality. With other coupon providers out there, this is our chance to set our brand aside and build relationships with our audience. We’re in the business of providing value to consumers and our marketing activities—including social—are designed to do the same.  



We’ve been using Intelligence to break through the noise in our industry so that we can go straight to our audience with effective and useful content since after all, we’re all about giving consumers a good deal. During ACL we had great deals to offer attendees and social was the best avenue to relay the message.

Q: How does measurement inform RetailMeNot's social strategy?

A: Measurement is helping our team decide when and where to engage. Even deeper than timing and placement—measurement helps us prioritize what we do. We can look at an event for example, and see what percentage of our audience is engaging. If it’s a small portion, maybe we shouldn’t spend our time there. We want to create conversations and join discussions where it makes sense to do so—measurement tells us where those opportunities are.

During ACL, in between week one and week two, we didn’t have much time to adjust strategies but we were able to look at our performance during week one and learn from our successes and our failures. With this knowledge, we were able to quickly regroup as a team and revise our game plan for the next weekend.

When we used Spredfast solutions to measure the social footprint of our sponsorship at Austin City Limits we were able to inform whether or not we believe our involvement is worth repeating. Then, when our executive team asked us to explain our success during the sponsorship we had a report ready to share. We’re able to immediately measure the sponsorship impact on our social footprint and generate reports to evaluate whether or not we should invest next year.

Q: How do you see your future strategy being shaped?

A: Social is changing at an increasingly rapid pace, and now we have the tools to keep up. We can adjust our course of action at the drop of a hat because we have a more robust lens of what’s going on in our industry.

Over time we can pull data and create reports to show how we performed and how we plan to adjust moving forward. Social media has become a department like any other and we must be able to accurately quantify our effect on the business.

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