Why I don't "Like" You: Strategies and Tactics for Successful Social Engagement

I recently had the opportunity to speak on a panel at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) held annually in San Francisco. Our panel discussed the tactics for successful social engagement and things you may not be doing in social that could be hurting your engagement. Although the crowd was all nonprofit organizations, the lessons can apply to any type of company, including enterprise.

We have the unique position at Spredfast of being able to see a lot of trends in social and what works well from the different implementations our customers are doing every day. Successful social all comes down to providing resonating content, fueling engagement, and driving toward the end goal, conversion. Content is your secret weapon when it comes to social media as a brand. You want to optimize the content to be as relevant as possible for your audience. This brings me to the 5 reasons I may not "Like" you on social media.

1. You"™re not providing content that resonates. 

It"™s easy for a brand to push out content without checking to see if it is resonating with the audience. If you aren"™t getting the social engagement you want, maybe it"™s because you aren"™t sending out the right content to your audience. Facebook has always provided engagement metrics such as likes and comments, but recently they introduced new metrics like virality, impressions, and engaged users. Do some testing with the type of content you are publishing and compare the different content against Facebook"™s new metrics. Find out what resonates the most with your audience, and make sure that"™s the content you"™re posting.

2. The content you provide is not dynamic. 

I don"™t just mean it"™s not dynamic because it"™s boring or not interesting, but also that the content is text heavy. When you can, always post multimedia. From metrics we see in our software, you will see up to 2x the amount of engagement when incorporating multimedia versus just text. And if this doesn"™t sound right to you, just think of how successful Pinterest has already been. Images and videos can be extremely powerful, so why wouldn"™t you post them as much as you can?

3. You forget to share relevant news and updates.

I don"™t want to just hear when you have a new promotion, or want to sell me something. I like your page for a reason and I want to hear about things happening at your company. Tell me if you"™ve hired a new executive, secured new funding, participated in a charity event, etc. And don"™t forget to share it on all your channels like Twitter, your blog, Google+, and not just Facebook. Followers on these channels want to hear about your news as well. And make sure that you have a social editorial calendar. That way you don"™t forget to post a new update at your company, and can make sure to post it on all your channels. You have an editorial calendar for your website and email, why not have one for social too?

4. Your messages are too broad and not personalized enough for me.

If you are doing local events or have content that is just relevant to a particular location or language, you should be geo and language targeting the content. I don"™t want to come to your page and be bombarded by content that isn"™t relevant to me because I don"™t live in that particular place. If you are an organization that has multiple locations, it may make sense to actually have multiple local social presences, it addition to a corporate one. That allows me to get the most curated content that is personalized just for me.

5. You haven"™t embraced Timeline as well as other brands have.

Brands are now able to tell their story better than ever with Facebook"™s Timeline. Make sure that your cover image is compelling and represents your brand well, since this is the first thing people see when visiting your page. Also, make sure that you are highlighting posts. This will make that post take up the entire frame of your Timeline and emphasizes important content you have published to ensure it is seen. Another way to accentuate content is to pin it. You are able to pin content to the top of your page, which will stay there for 7 days. It allows certain content you publish to remain sticky when fans visit your page. Finally, make use of the milestone feature. This is where you really get to tell your story. Have fun and be creative with it. If you need more ideas, check out our Timeline guide for more tips.

Remember at the end of the day it"™s all about providing relevant content and perpetuating engagement with fans to reach the end goal of conversion. What other mistakes have you seen brands making when it comes to social engagement?

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