#whysocial Spotlight: Eric Sylvia

photo 1We're kicking off Friday with Spredfast Social Support Specialist (and resident beer connoisseur) Eric Sylvia. If you've got platform questions, he's got answers. Eric assists our customers with their day-to-day platform use, and offers troubleshooting tips for our users.

We sat down with Eric to talk about what brought him to the Support team, his #whysocial, and why he'd trade gossip rags for gaming mags any day.

What attracted you to Spredfast and what do you enjoy most about your position?

The #1 thing that attracted me to Spredfast was the way Customer Support is treated here. I've been working in support for a long time, and I'd never seen a company that had a more genuine desire to do right by their customers. Once I read about the position, I knew that this was a team I wanted to be a part of.  


If I had to define my #whysocial, it would be: _________________________.

Because I believe that transparency in business practice is good for everyone, and nothing brings more consistent transparency than Social Media. Most companies out there truly do want to take care of their customers and treat them well, but before Social Media it was rare to find a business that managed to pull it off. Embracing Social Media, and the transparency it brings, forces us to adapt our strategies in a way that works for our customers; and in the long run, that is what is best for any business.  

ericWhat personal projects inspire you? What are your passions outside the office?

I get really excited about any project that presents an opportunity to improve upon something people currently take for granted, or assume they just have to live with. Those are the puzzles I really love to solve.

Outside of work, I really enjoy game design, science, motorsports, and technology. I seriously read in-depth articles about emerging technologies like some people read gossip columns (and I get just as giddy about them). I love learning new things about the way our universe works, and sharing that with others. Also beer because it's awesome.


My favorite spot in Austin is: ___________________.

That's a hard choice! There's so much to love about this city. If I had to narrow it down, I'd say either Opal Divine's, Dragon's Layer, or The Alamo Drafthouse.  


Thanks for all you do for our customers, Eric! We'll definitely cheers to that.

Looking to learn more about our company? Follow along with our #whysocial series. Until next time!

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Caitlin Greenwood

Caitlin Greenwood is the Community Manager at Spredfast. With a background and passion for journalism and creative writing, Caitlin fosters engagement and builds meaningful relationships across the Spredfast social communities. Follow her on @mcgreenw for all things pop culture, social media, and snapshots of her corgi Marfa.