Secure Your Social Accounts

Use Spredfast Vault to control who has access to your brand's social world.

Manage who has credentials and account access to corporate social media platforms

We've heard the ask loud and clear: brands are looking for a way to better protect themselves across their enterprise on social—and that's exactly what we're delivering with Vault.

Manish Mehta Chief Product Officer | Spredfast
Manage passwords and native social media platform access with Spredfast Vault

Vault allows you the visibility, reporting, and control you need to securely manage direct (native) access to your social accounts. Empower your administrators and managers to fully govern who has access while providing your end users with a simple, yet secure point of entry from which to access social accounts natively when needed.

Know and control who has access to your native social accounts

Having all of your accounts and users in one place simplifies granting and monitoring native access and the reasons for going native. With Vault, administrators can grant access for a set period of time or provide ongoing access. Remove or pause access for any user at any time or pause all account access during a crisis—all in one place.

Provide a simple, yet secure point of entry for your end users

When users need to go native, it’s important they can access those accounts quickly, yet safely. Vault provides your users with a simple dashboard of accounts they have permission to access via the Spredfast web app or browser for an uninterrupted workflow.

Provide your users with secure access to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks
A single source of truth for your social accounts

With Vault, at any time administrators can see exactly who has native access to social accounts, when individuals used that access, and why. With full auditing and reporting at both the user and account levels, you have full visibility into your social accounts.

Find out who has access to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts and make administration easier
For the checklist-lovers among us:

Platform Capabilities

  • Grant native access to social accounts for specific users
  • Require justification for native access
  • Determine time-bound or unbounded access
  • Pause native access at any time for any user or account
  • Pull access from a user at any time
  • Auditing and reporting across users and accounts

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