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With Spredfast, we can now measure the real impact of customer conversations.

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Find, build, and keep lasting connections with your audience

Spredfast combines years of understanding what consumers expect from a responsive brand on social with the unmatched efficiencies a customer service call center provides in one complete offering. Putting your audience at the heart of each response, we ensure frictionless interactions with the context only social can provide. Complete with all the metrics needed to measure internal effectiveness and customer happiness, Spredfast is the perfect system for however your teams address social interactions.

A complete view of the customer relationship

Context is everything when it comes to resolving an issue on social. To respond effectively, Spredfast arms social agents with interaction history, a threaded view into the conversation at hand, data attributed to that person, as well as the ability to connect to CRM systems.

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A complete view of the customer relationship
Purpose-built interfaces

Done right, social care increases customer loyalty and deepens affinity—but it requires coordination to deliver lightning-fast responses with careful, well-crafted messaging. We understand your agents spend tremendous time with the technologies you’ve deployed, so we’ve developed interfaces customized to the care team’s role to limit their steps and help them move efficiently through their day.

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Purpose-built interfaces
Real-time social monitoring and routing

Finding, filtering, and responding to a large volume of incoming social conversations and dealing with any number of issue types is a tall order. We have configurable workflows, automated routing, and clear status indicators to keep your teams productive and responsive. Spredfast also brings real-time trends into focus to give your care teams the information they need to make decisions– in times of crisis or for individual issue-handling.

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Real-time social monitoring and routing
Customer-centric metrics

While you are busy tracking down an answer your customer is on the other end waiting. Social care teams can learn much from the call center, including from its sophisticated reporting. Whether you’re resource planning, optimizing workflows to be as frictionless as possible, or seeking to understand agent performance, Spredfast will better equip you to connect with the people you care about most.

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Customer-centric metrics
For the checklist-lovers among us:

Platform Capabilities

  • Private and public social interactions
  • Automatic categorization of inbound content
  • Configurable routing and workflow engine
  • Purpose-built care interfaces
  • Knowledge base
  • Social command centers
  • NPS® and Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Interaction and conversations history
  • Agent collision prevention
  • Customer perception metrics
  • Agent response reporting
  • Efficiency reports and dashboards
  • Compliance and security
  • Audit trails
  • Review management
  • Data exports
  • CRM and listening integrations
  • Mobile applications
  • Global scalability
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