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Social Care: The Spredfast Solution

For Brands

Your consumers expect timely, personal, and useful responses to their social media questions, comments, and complaints. How do you monitor what matters, route incoming messages to the right person for response, and track it all from start to finish? The Spredfast platform gives your Care teams the social care software they need to respond to social inquiries on time, every time. Use rich listening and filtering to surface every relevant message, across teams, while tracking each interaction.

Be responsive at scale.
Finding, filtering, and rapidly responding to hundreds or thousands of daily incoming social conversations is a tall order. We have configurable workflows, team and queue views, routing, SLA tracking, alerts and issue statuses to keep your teams productive and responsive.
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Stay ahead of the conversation.
Great social care is proactive. We give you configurable monitoring, integrations to listening technologies like Brandwatch and Sysomos, and the sentiment, influencer tracking, and social profile tools to find and focus on the right conversations across many channels.
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The right content for every situation.
You probably already have great, brand-approved content that answers your consumers’ most common questions. The Spredfast Content Center is purpose built to store your social customer service content and make it easily accessible to team members.
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Track. Analyze. Improve
Few teams feel the scrutiny of justifying the cost of their people like care teams. The Spredfast platform delivers the metrics you need—close rates, individual and team productivity, issue resolution time, key issue trends—to improve performance and secure more budget.
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