Enterprise Social Media Governance

Manage the risk that comes with operating a social program at scale.

Enterprise social media governance solutions to help manage workflows, security, and risk management

Having a tool like Spredfast, which enables us as a brand to speak in a more consistent way across the globe, is key.

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Govern your social teams, content and interactions at scale

Brands need to protect themselves from the risks that come with operating a social program at scale—but it’s a challenge to do so while maintaining workflows that keep up with the pace of social. With Spredfast, you have the control, security, and visibility you need to safeguard your brand and efficiently govern your social presence.

Manage global users and accounts

Managing your global teams, accounts, and workflows is easy to talk about, but really hard to get right. Spredfast gives you scalable, intuitive administrative controls to easily manage your global users and accounts. Oversee administration in one centralized location, create custom permissions and role-based access, make changes to users and accounts in bulk, and more.

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Administrator roles and permissions for social media management for large companies
Drive data consistency across social

Data-driven decision making is the goal of any savvy business, but you’re only as good as the data you have available. Spredfast allows you to create smart, intuitive label hierarchies and enforce consistent labeling across your users’ workflows. Consistent labeling of your content means more consistent data on the backend, so your teams can measure social impact in a way that maps to your business goals.

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Content tagging and structured labels for social media posts and content for advanced account management
Streamline complex workflows across your organization

Whether you’re looking to maintain a consistent brand voice or meet regulatory and compliance requirements, Spredfast’s configurable approval workflows can map precisely to your needs. Prevent unapproved, off-brand, or ill-timed content from being published with easy-to-configure, automated approval paths.

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Best software for managing workflows across large, complex organizations to collaborate and gather approvals
Protect your brand from risk around native access

There will always be a reason why users need native (direct) access to social platforms, and this leaves your brand vulnerable to this activity. Know and control who has direct access to your social accounts with Spredfast Vault credential and access management. Ensure your administrators can securely manage direct access to your social accounts while providing your end users with a simple yet secure point of entry.

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Control who has access to a large company's social accounts with the most secure social media password & credential management tool
For the checklist-lovers among us:

Platform Capabilities

  • Compliance and security
  • Content management and structured labeling
  • Configurable workflows and approvals permissions
  • Centralized content center
  • Collaboration tools and task management
  • Control and visibility over native access to social accounts
  • Auditing and reporting across users and accounts
  • Social listening and crisis management

Services for Customer Success

Spredfast's Customer Success team focuses on elevating the social marketing success of major brands and media companies. From goal and content planning, to paid strategy, to live event support and more - we've got your back when you need us.

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