Create value with engaging social experiences.

Social Sponsorship: The Spredfast Solution

For Brands

How do you measure the impact of sponsorship investments and get the audience to actually engage with your brand? Rather than simply adding a brand’s logo in the background, social sponsorships make the brand a part of the conversation by creating interactive social experiences powered by fan content, votes, or other actions.

For Media

How can you get sponsors excited while also providing them additional value? Integrate sponsors in an interesting and authentic way across all of your owned and earned platforms with social integrations, from simply branding a social campaign site with a sponsor’s logo to fully integrating sponsor content into a multi-platform experience.

Make it engaging.

A sponsored social experience is only worth the amount of engagement and visibility it receives. Easily engage your audience with one or more of our 50+ visualizations built for every occasion and screen. Got technical chops? We’ll open our SDK so you can get even more custom.

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Get Creative

Whether you’re the sponsor or the sponsored, you’re challenged to come up with new and creative ways to make a splash. The Spredfast platform gives you unlimited opportunities to create custom, never-been-done-before social experiences to engage audiences.

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Take a multi-platform approach.

The most successful sponsorships don’t live in a silo. Increase awareness and value by integrating sponsors anywhere your audience is engaging with content—from a website to your social accounts— on mobile devices, desktops, and directly on their TV screen.

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Manage tight deadlines.

Deal come through at the last minute? Budget finally approved with only a few weeks until a campaign needs to be launched? We know things tend to happen at the 11th hour. Our visualization gallery gives you the power to produce and implement campaigns quickly.

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