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Assistant Editor, UGC and Social News | BBC
BBC News changed up their social strategy and saw serious, data-driven results.

How BBC News nabbed a 50% increase in social referrals to its website

In May 2015, the UK’s 56th General Election took place. For the first time in UK election history, BBC News used social data to monitor election trends, candidates, and influencers. With unlimited access to real-time social insights, BBC News was also able to quickly fuse social statistics into their coverage—leading to more engaging content and an increase in web traffic.

time in UK history monitoring social data of elections
increase in social referrals
increase in Twitter impressions over average

How they made it work:

  • Created an Election Hub to track top terms and hashtags during live debates and over the course of the election season.
  • Evaluated how audiences were interacting with political candidates and followed the performance of BBC content over time.
  • Shared coverage and breaking news updates that integrated social stats, notable social conversations, and trends.
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